what does a barber do

What Does A Barber Do? | More Than a Haircut

What Does a Barber Do?

A barber offers hair care services, especially for the male customers.

However, shaving service and scalp treatment also fall within the scope of service of a barber. Hence, a barber must have a license to work in any state.

A formal vocational training from state-licensed barber school or at least a high school diploma is an essential requirement for a barber.

Vocational programs consist of 9 to 12 months training including hands-on practice. A degree of Nail Technology from schools is also a competitive advantage for a barber. The minimum age requirement for enrollment in the barber school is 16 years.

General Duties of a Barber:

Barbers shampoo, trim, and style hair for the male and female customers. Nail and skincare services are sometimes optional at a barbershop.

Barbers offer specialized services like scalp treatment and facial shaving.

The licensed barbers can also offer the services like highlighting, coloring and bleaching the color of client’s hair.

Self-employed barbers enjoy the flexibility of setting there own working hours this ideal for barbers who like the freedom to travel.

what does a barber do Typically, a barber would work in a salon, spa, barbershop, hotel or a resort.

The working requires standing for long periods of time while working with sharp-edged tools and harsh chemicals that exist in the hair care products.

Some of the barbers could also become cosmetologists. Managerial experience of a barber along with good communication skills provide them a competitive advantage.

Career Options:

Barbers could excel in the field by offering the senior citizen care facilities. Many barbers target this specific population and are termed to be specialists.

Cosmetologists have great career opportunities in films and media.

They could serve actors and models.

Another area barbers explore are Military bases. Officers and Cadets receive a specific hair-cut services set by guidelines of governmental branch.

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  1. Sam Li on Reply

    I love what you said about barbers offering special services, ranging from scalp treatments to facial waxing. Visiting a reputable barbershop is a great way to keep your hair looking perfect at all times. I am thinking about getting my hair styled, so I look for a barbershop in my community that is known for their impeccable service.

  2. James Anderson on Reply

    It’s surprising to know that a barber undergoes vocational programs which is consist of 9 to 12 months of training which includes hands-on practice. I just moved to a new area and I want to get a new haircut, but as of the moment, I don’t know which barber shop should I go to. I guess I’ll have to check if the shops within the area offer haircut and other possible services and ask if they’ve gone through training so that my mind can be at ease whenever I visit them.

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