The Ultimate Guide to Becoming A Professional Barber

Becoming a Professional Barber A to Z Guide

A barber is a professional who involves in taking care of the health of hair. He is the person who gives styles to your hair so you look charming. He cuts, trims and styles your hair and gives the decent look to the hair.

The male and women both to the barber for cutting or making the hairstyle. Men’s grooming services are most famous in the barber shop. Men’s can ask the barber to cut the hair in a particular style which is in trend. You can adopt the new look by just cutting the hair in different styles.

The trending hairstyle immediately grabs the attention of the viewer and you will get an appreciation for your grooming sense. Barber also provide hair maintenance, shave and facial service to their client. Barbers job is to make their client look good.

If their clients are comfortable with the shop and the barber’s style of performing the task then they will come back to the shop later. People love to go back to the barbershop where they get the best treatment.

Barber must be professional enough in handling the clients need. The famous barber is known for their quality of the service and the communication skill while handling the client.

How to become a barber?

The passionate people who are interested in becoming barber can grow their interest with little training and practice. There are many ways you can enter into the profession of a barber.

All options go through different kinds of training. There are many institutes who teach the barber as the part of your professional career. You get the training from the institute teacher who will be teaching you the basics of becoming a professional barber.

The institute runs the training classes which involved the practice exams as well. By continuing learning and practical exercise, you will become a professional barber.

Apprenticeship is another way of becoming a barber. In apprenticeship, you get the opportunity to learn how the barber shop work. This is the cheapest option for learning the Barber profession.

It will not have a monetary cost. Only your time will require to train and grasp the basics of the Barber skill. To get the apprenticeship you have to first find out the salon that offers the apprenticeship to the Learner.

You can contact the nearby barber and ask them for such service. It generally takes  6 to 8 months to complete the training. Once you are enrolled in the apprenticeship in the salon, they will be giving you a certain small task to do such as handling the customer care, shampooing the hair, washing the towels, helping the seniors etc.

First, few months will be the training months where you will be learning about the different types of hair styling process. The person who is teaching you the skill will allow you to do the small task under his or her observation.

He will monitor your working style. You will get to do some hairstyle after the trimming is done. In this process, you have to remember how things work. See the product line, understand the purpose of each product and what they are used for.

The small details on learning will help you to become a fast decision taker in the barber shop. You have to keep the focus on each new thing that happening around you. It might be the new hairstyle, the technique of styling the hair or different products. You have to keep an eye on all the aspects and try to learn faster.

Private courses also available in the market. You can hire a private tutor to teach you the Barber skill. The tutor will charge some amount for the course.

He will teach you how to handle the equipment, cut the hair and what kind of products are best for hair. Having a private tutor gives the ability to ask any questions to him and learn faster.

He will focus on all the small details of the learning. You will also get the chance to work on the dummy hair and make the stylish hairstyle in the practice.

The tutor will be always available to you so whenever you have any query you can immediately ask him or her and solve it instantly. A private tutor might be an expensive deal for some people, but it provides freedom to learn at your comfort.

You might not get the similar facility in the apprenticeship or the institutional training.

In the latest trend, people are also learning the barber skill watching YouTube videos. This is another great option if you do not have much time to go to the classes or have money for the private tuition.

There are several videos available online created by the professional barbers all around the world. The professional teaches you how you can become a barber and start your own barber shop in your city.

The online barber training requires constant learning and practice. Without practice, you will not get a hand on the tools. So once you learn the technique by watching the video online, you can repeat the process in the practice to the dummy hairs or with the mannequin hair.

Remember, if you are young and not comfortable handling certain tools then take the help of your parents or some adult while practicing it. You will hurt yourself if you are not alert.

Many people all around the world are learning the barber skill by watching the YouTube videos. It is an amazing experience to learn at your own time and practice it by yourself.

Expectation vs reality:

Some people who are fascinated by becoming a barber might be thinking it is a cool profession. You can become famous barber overnight. They think once they have a degree from barber school, they can start cutting the hair immediately. If you are one of them who daydream a lot without understanding the practical world then might be very disappointed. This is not how you are going to start your career. Becoming a barber is a serious profession like other professions that available in the market. You have to go through constant practice and learning to become experience Barber. Professional barber spends years to reach the position that they are currently sitting on. The skill requires complete focus and commitment to deliver the best result to your customers. Just imagine the person who is doing hairstyle who is not alert enough, while cutting the hair of the client. The smallest mistake can create a big problem in the barber store. He or she can mistakenly cut the complete hair or poke the tool in the face of the client. The smallest mistake can create a terrifying situation.

Many people who enter into the barber profession try to focus on looking good. They feel if they look cool they will receive the appreciation from their client. But in reality, the client gets happy when you perform best in your skill. Understanding the client requirement is essential to becoming a good barber. You will be interacting with many clients in your shop. Everyone has different background and taste in their hairstyle. You have to understand what they want from you while having a conversation with them. In some cases, the client also does not know what hairstyle will suit them. They will ask you to suggest some hairstyle. In such situation, you have to use your experience to decide what will be the best style that your client will love.

Another problem faced by newcomer barber is they don’t learn about the hair products. There are various kinds of products available in the market for a different purpose. When you become barber you have to learn the use of this product. You must know what ingredient the product has, the chemical compound and the effect of that chemical on the different types of hair. You can’t just choose a random product for washing hair or making the hairstyle. Each of the product serves some propose. You must know how much to use and when to use the product on the hair. Some cosmetic products that used on the facial are sensitive. They are made of certain kind of chemicals. When you are using these products on the face, you must aware of the client’s health condition. Some people are allergic to some type of ingredient. If the product contains those allergic ingredients, then it might create a rash on the face and the client will get angry with you. You have to know what is best for your client to avoid trouble.

When you are new in the barber shop, you will spend your most of the time working as an assistant to the senior barber. Don’t expect that from day one you will get the opportunity to cut the hair of your client. This is not how the process works. First, you need to make yourself comfortable in the environment. In some salons, the newcomers are utilized for washing clothes, cleaning the desk, sweeping the floor and arranging all the equipment before closing time. You have to do all the dirty task before you get the position of the barber in that shop. The expectation of the new learner will be completely different than the reality so you must prepare for this before you enter into barber profession.

Barbering courses:

There are several institutes that provide full time and diploma courses to the people who are interested in learning the Barber skill. Here are some of the top institutes in the world, recognized for their courses.

1) Penn Foster High School: The Penn Foster High School offers the barber course for the student who is at the age of 14 or above. The student must have completed the 8th grade.

2) World A Cuts Barber Institute: This is one of the most famous institutes for the professional barber course. You will get to learn in-depth information about becoming a barber. The institute focuses on providing all the knowledge that the person needs to become the best barber in the industry. The institute offers diploma course to the people.

3) Winston Salem Barber School: The other well-known institute working on training the student barber profession. The interested student can join the course and start learning. The experienced teacher will educate you and teach you everything about the barber industry.

4) Westside Tech:  The Westside Tech training institute offers various kinds of courses to the student. By applying for the Barber course, you get the opportunity to learn Cosmetology and related services such as Barber and Hair Cutting Services, Aesthetician and Skin Care, Facial Treatment Specialist services etc.

5) West Michigan College of Barbering and Beauty: The institute is especially focused on the training and development of the Barber and beauty professionals. The institute provides all the information about the skill and teaches you how to use them in the practice. They also provide practice test to the student in the course. The student gets to learn different kinds of technologies and tools to use in the barber shop.

Difference between cosmetology school vs barber college

The Cosmetology and barber skill are closely connected with each other. The main difference between the cosmetology school and barber college is in cosmetology school student get to learn many wide areas of skill such as hair cutting, skin care, and nails. It is majorly focusing on the complete beauty enhancement. In comparison, the barber college trains the student about the hairstyle and technique to form the hair in a different way. The Barber College teaches the student all the small areas of Barbering compared to cosmetology. Barber skill is mostly assigned to males and cosmetologist suitable for both male and female.

Barber generally work closely with hair and new hairstyles. They are the person who is trained to take care of the health of your hair. The cosmetologist is trained to manage everything that requires looking beautiful. These certified experts work on your hair, facial and nail treatment. Barber profession can earn higher salary compared to the cosmetologist. The cosmetologist can get the better job.

However, Barber and Cosmetologist require a state license to work as the certified professional in the country. The barber and Cosmetologist both must apply for the Post-secondary training program. He must go through the training and get certification from the institute to call himself as a professional Cosmetologist or barber.

Barber college: Barber college training is done around hair cutting and styling. It teaches how you take care of the hair and learn different types of hairstyle. The Barber is also known as a professional hair stylist in the industry. Majorly male applies to the Barber college. In the salon, the barber is seen cutting hair.

Cosmetology school: Cosmetology school teaches students a wide variety of the skills. Cosmetology performs hair cutting, manicures, pedicures, waxing treatment, makeup and facials in the training. In cosmetology school, you get to learn complete beauty treatment. The male and female, both apply for this course.

Challenges for Cosmetology:

Cosmetology professional makes the people look beautiful. They work on the several things such as hair, nails or face. The ultimate job of the cosmetologist is to improve the person’s overall appearances. The beautiful look built the confidence of the person and he looks energetic. He is the behind his overall look and gives the ability to shine in the public appearances. Because the cosmetology requires so many things to learn there are few people who enter the field to become a cosmetology. The success rate of becoming good cosmetology is very low in the city. Many experts fail in performing the good work. Their skill stays at the average level and they never get a chance to become the famous person in the cosmetology in the field. The career has its own roadblocks that keep the professional behind.

Learning Curve

Cosmetologist profession requires you to take certification from the known university. You have to apply for the university cosmetology program to learn and get the certificate. When you start attending the classes in the university the teachers of cosmetology will give you in-depth knowledge about the field. They will also have a practice session where you will be asked to cut the dummy hair, cut nails or apply makeup in a certain way to make the dummy face look beautiful. Practice session is the more important part of the cosmetologist training. If you are applying for the training, then assure that you are not missing the practice session. The real practice will teach you how to handle certain tools and products in the process. You will make many mistakes in the process, but these mistakes will teach you what not to do when you will perform the cosmetology on the real person.

barber career

Understanding the different product is essential in the process. There are several types of product available in the market. You have to learn the basic ingredient of this product and how they work on the certain part of the body. These products are made of harmful chemicals. The product description will have the indication of how to use them on the skin or hair. You first need to read the instruction and they use the product on the person. For instance, the hair colors are made with the chemicals which are highly hazardous to the eyes. Even some hair colors require you to first test a small part of it on your skin before applying. If you keep the hair color more than the suggested time the hair becomes white. You have to remove them in time to get the perfect shade of the color on the hair. Some hair color also damages the hair if not used properly. All these will be trained in the training session when you apply for the degree.

Manicure equipment is difficult to handle. Especially when you are doing a manicure in clients nail. You have to keep your hand steady and work confidently. The tools that you use to cut the nail are sharp. The small mistake may cut the figure’s skin and it will start bleeding. Such situation may create horrifying consequences as your client will get upset with you. The only way to become expert in handling the manicure equipment is doing continues the practice. The practice will help you to train your brain to handle such equipment confidently and perform the task effectively.

The facial is the most important part of the cosmetology. During the facial, you apply the treatment on the client’s face. You will be using different kinds of the cosmetic product on the face. These products are made of chemicals. The chemicals help the face to glow and look beautiful after the job is done. But at the same time, the facial treatment requires little precaution while performing it on the client’s face. Before applying any product on the face, it is advisable that you test little portion of the product on the elbow of the client. If the client feels burning on the elbow or itchiness then your client might be allergic to the certain ingredient. It will indicate that the product is not suitable for the client skin. You can not apply such product on the face. If done without taking precautions, then your client face will feel itchiness and it will build the rashes on the skin. You can ask your client regarding any allergy to the certain product before using it on the face.

You can only use this product if the client is not having any problem with them. The facial treatment requires a gentle touch. You will be doing treatment on the face were many delicate body parts reside. You should know how to move your hand to the face when applying the certain product. It should not touch the eye, mouth or go inside the nose. You have to take care of these important parts while doing facial. After applying the facial on the face there is a certain step that you need to follow to remove the facial cream from the face. These techniques require practice as it involves the close attention to the face. Some facial creams are clearly stated on the product that you have to keep the cream for a certain time only. If you keep that for longer than chances are it will crack the skin and it will look ugly. You should know how to use this facial product. Read the instruction carefully before applying it.

Cosmetology career looks simple and exciting at first look, but it has many challenges that you face in real practice. The cosmetology is very difficult to field compared to the barber and hair stylist jobs. The barber and hair stylist only deal with the hair and here you have to perform complete body enrichment task at the same time. Your client will completely depend on your skill. If you do your job well, they will get happy and appreciate your talent. But if you make a small mistake in any part of the job, then you need to face the reverse impact from the client.

So before getting into the field prepare yourself mentally. If you believe you can do this and want to make this as the lifetime career path then only enter into the field. People who enter into the cosmetology for fun, don’t get more positive response when they go to the real job. They make many mistakes and because of that, the owner of the shop fires them from the position. So it is better to grasp the knowledge of the field first and understand the depth before entering the field. It will save your time and money that you will spending on learning the skill.

How to find a Barber School?

Finding the right barber school requires a little research. First, you need to understand what type of training you will be required. Many schools provide different kinds of courses in the barber school. It starts from basic to advanced courses. The basic course will cost less compared to the advanced course. You can search online for nearby barber school and ask for the complete details. Read all the clause before applying for the course. See how much time it takes to complete the course. You can also contact for professional assistance. They will help you in choosing the right course as per your need.

Here are some of the points that you should consider when selecting the Barber School.

1) Check how much time it will take to complete the course. Some institutes offer the barber course that runs for 2 – 3 months. You can ask the authority about the duration and understand the time you will be required to put into to get a certificate. You can arrange your other personal task accordingly and then plan to join the Barber school as per your convenient.

2) Ask them how their training works. Do they have the professionals with them to teach you and guide you in learning? These questions will give you insight into the training model. You are going to spend minimum  2 to 3 months learning the barbering. You must know how the institute trains the student. Your goal is to become the best barber in the country so it requires the right kind of coaching from the professional. If the institute is not qualified for the training student properly, then your time will be wasted and after completion of the course, you will realize you have not learned anything. Even after spending 2 to 3 months in the learning, now you need to work with someone else to learn everything again from starting point. This will lead to waste of good amount of time and money. So it is better you get all the basic information about the learning course and how they perform the training.

Even you can ask your friends or someone who has gone through the training in the institute. You will find a student who had experience of the training online on social media sites. Contact them and as ask them about their experience. They will help you in knowing the overall training module also you will get the review of the institute. If the people had a great experience with the institute then you can apply for the course without any doubt.

3) Understand the study material they will be providing. Confirm what is included in the fees and what is not. Sometimes barber schools will ask you to bear your study material cost by yourself. They charge the heavy fees for the training even then you have to bear the rest of the cost. For some people, it will be an expensive affair. So before applying to it, get all the information about additional cost it has attached to it. Sometime institute will not tell you before when you are joining the institute. The barber training requires certain equipment for practice. The half part of your institutional teaching will have practical training. For practical training, you will require a basic barber tool. These tools are expensive and if you are going through the learning you will have to buy these barber tools from the market. The institute will not provide you these kits. The additional cost might create a problem for someone who does not have the budget to spend more on buying these kits. It is better you know everything about the learning process and additional cost that is connected to it. No one like to stop their training in between the training due to the financing issue. Ask them what kind of training material they will require. What will be the cost of it? If there are certain automated equipment that you need to purchase the training, then which will be those and how much it will cost? Get these questions answered from the institute before you join them.

4) There has to be practice model in the training. The Barber is the skill where you have to practice with different kinds of tools. If the teaching only involves learning and not the practice then you will find a hard time working with various barber tools in the future. It is important that you get the sufficient amount of practice while learning.

When you apply for the training in the institute ask them what kind of training model they have. Ask them whether they give sufficient time to the student to perform the practice learning. This is very important part of the learning as you get to handle the barber tools. There are dozens of tools which you will be using in cutting hair. These tools have different kinds of shape. To get comfortable in handling these tools, you need to practice hard in working with them.

Every skill requires sufficient practice. To become the best barber in the city you need to go through hard practice to understand how to perform your task better than anyone else in your industry. The professional barber does not spend much time on cutting hair. Their execution speed completes the task in a few minutes. They build the speed by practicing hard continuously. You will see they cut the hair quickly, shape them correctly and give the best look the clients hair without compromising the quality. They have reached this height only because of years of practice. They understand the customer need very well and make them happy by giving better service.

If the institute to whom you are planning to join for the barber certification do not have practice session as their part of learning then avoid them. Find some other barber school where they give emphasis to the practice session.

Man shaving a client outdoors

5) The state approved certification is a must after the training is completed. You need some sort of proof that you are trained professional. The certification gives you the authority to work as a barber in any salon. So select the barber school that provides authorized certification after the course is over.

You can also ask them to show some sample certification that they offer to the student. You can take the copy of it and verify the genuineness of the certificate from the nearby legal authority. The legal authority will help you to know whether the certificate is genuine or not. This assures that you are going to join the authorized institute. Also, you keep yourself from the fraud institute who do not disclose their authority and gives you a fake certificate which no use after the training is completed. There are many incidents where the student has completed the diploma courses from the well-known institute, but when they go for applying for the job in their industry, they get to know that the certificate is not from the authorized institute. They don’t get a job and simply rejected in the job interview. So it is better you work smartly when it comes to joining any institute for your long-term career.

6) Connecting job after the course is completed. Some institutes offer an immediate job after you completed your course. They will send you to the nearby salon where you get to learn more about how salon works in reality. Ask if the barber school offers such facility. If they have such services for the student then it will help you to get a job immediately after you complete your training. You don’t need to struggle to find the job when you have a certificate in hand. Not all the institute offers the jobs these days, but it’s worth asking if they have some service.

As the competition in the market is rising in the barber industry, finding the job after the course is very painful. You might have to struggle for some time in finding the right kind of job for you. If you are planning to start your own barber shop with own investment, then there will be no problem starting the new business. The people who do not have the capital to start own shop might find a hard time.

Have a clear planning for the career before you enter into the training for the barbering. If you are planning to start the own barber shop then check your financial status and the cost it involves in starting the business. The job seeker can see where they will apply for the job after they get certification. Pre-planning is better than struggling after you get the certification. You can even meet the nearby barber owner and let them know that you want to join them after you get certification. This way you can save your position in the barber shop. Once you get the certification after a few months you can immediately join the barber shop for further career growth. Working smart will save your lots of time roaming around to find the job.

How long is barber school (how much time on average it requires to learn)?

The barber school requires on an average 5 to 6 months to complete the course. It is completely depending on the state to state. In some states, the duration is less. In New Hampshire, you can apply for the basic barbering license. It takes 800 hours of training to complete the course which is equivalent to the 5 months of full-time training. To become of master barber you have to go through the rigorous training. For master training, the average duration is 1500 hours. In this period you will get to learn the advanced technique of cutting hair and practice it over and over again until you become expert in it. The master training license is the most recognized license in the United State. Generally, the barber school classes are run for the 8 hours a day and 5 days a week. It covers basic to the advanced training of the hair cutting. The Student receives time to practice and learn more about the new technique.

The training and certification require consistent practice. You have passed in all the exam to qualify for the skill. The certification is provided only when you pass the exam. Without the certification, you can go out and start working as a barber. That will be illegal by state law.

In addition, your learning is completely depending on how much focus you are in the study. There will be practical as well as technical exams in the learning process. To get good grades in these exams you have to learn all the small aspect of becoming a barber. The learning is not just about hair cutting. There are several things that connected to the barber shops that you will get to know in the learning process.

The things that you generally find in the barber shop are all part of the study material. From the barber tool to a hair product that barber uses to give style to your hair are all included in the learning. It involves a good amount of study similar to the academic degree courses. There might be chances that the duration of your study may increase due to not qualifying for the exam. Some people find a hard time learning these things and giving the exam on time. If you are one of them, then the duration may get extended and it will take time to become a certified barber. It is completely up to you how you prepare yourself and how much you passionate about becoming a barber. If you do the hard work then there is no one to stop you.

Barber school cost (tuition cost):

The average fees for the barber school are around $12,000 in the United States. It can be varied in different states. The tuition cost includes the professional teaching and practice of the hair cutting. The School will teach you how to manage the client, what are the product in the market, how to use the product, the practice session will help you to learn the different kinds of tool. Handling Barber tools such as scissors and other equipment need a little practice. You will be cutting the hair of human being. Little mistaken can make an unfavorable effect on your career. So school makes sure that you are fully trained before you become a Barber and start performing hair cutting.

The cost of the tuition is divided into the two parts, the teaching cost, and the practical training cost. In the teaching, the teachers in the barber school will teach you about all the information that you need to know to become a Barber. In the practical training, you will be given some material such as mannequin hair for practicing the hair cutting style. You will ask to make a certain hairstyle on the mannequin hair. The practice session is really important. When you join the Barber teaching school, it is advisable that never miss the practice session. This is the most important part of the training. The material that you will be required in the teaching session will be provided by the school itself. However, some school will ask you to arrange your own equipment. To get the clarity, you should ask the institute before taking the admission. Check what are the things that are involved in the fees.

What certifications will I receive once I complete my hours?

Every state requires licensing for the barbers. It is the proof of the eligibility qualification. Once you complete the course at the barber school, the institute will provide you a state-approved certificate. You can use the certificate as the authorize proof that you have completed the training from the well-known institute. Without state-approved certification, you can work in the salon. It is illegal by law. If legal authority found that you are working as a Barber in the city without having the certification, then they will find the charges for illegal activity in the state. So better you first get the certification and then apply for the job to avoid any trouble.

The Government endorses the certification of the professional skills to avoid any unauthorized activity in the city. The Barber deals with the harmful hair cutting tools. If the person is not going through the long practice, then chances are the person will not have confidence in handling these tools. He or she might mistakenly harm the client. If the barber is focused enough, then this can become a serious issue as well. To avoid such incidents government has made mandatory to have sufficient amount of practice to the person who wants to become any skilled worker before performing the task. For authorization, purpose government provides the certification to the people who have successfully passed the training. The certificate will be valid throughout the state. Some country allows a person to use them to another state as well.

The process makes sure that the people around you who are providing the services are the skilled worker and they have gone through certain hours of training before they try the skill of the general people. You can confidently allow them to perform the Barbering on your hair.

How to prepare for State Licensing Test?

The best way to prepare for the barber state licensing test is getting print of the study guide from the institute. There are cosmetology study guides available for the student who is applying for the exam. You will find this study guide on the official website of the state licensing authority. Or you can reach them to get the study material.

The study material will have information about the hairstyle technique and the information about the tools that you will be required to cut the hair. The study material will cover the following topics.

Services for clients – The study material will teach you how to service your clients. It is very important that you greet your customers professionally. Your customer chooses to come to your barber shop because they thought you are good in your service. You have to make sure they feel comfortable their time. You will face different natures of clients. Some will be generous, some will be in a hurry, and you might meet people who get angry with you no matter how better you treat them. In this situation, your temperament will require at the lowest level. You must know how to handle all kinds of people. The client servicing business requires clam nature and same time smart communication skill. You will learn how to uplift both the skill and perform your task like an expert in the industry.

Sanitation procedures and safety: The barber deals with many hair products. These products are made of different chemicals. You should follow good sanitation procedure to keep everything clean. The safety is another factor that matters the most in the barber shop. The tools that you will be using will have sharp edges. A small mistake can lead to the serious issue in your shop. So while performing your job on the client you need to follow a certain safety procedure to avoid any problem. You must practice a lot on using the barber equipment.

Nowadays there are many machines available which used in the salon that does some job faster. These electronic machines require little practice to operate. It will have many operating buttons, on/off buttons and many functions that might be difficult to use who are not tech-savvy. Many salons use such machinery to make the process faster and do the job quickly. If you join the salon, which used such machinery then you might need to take the help of your seniors in using such machinery. You also need to practice in operation so that you will not rely on someone. Automated machines are difficult to use so it requires safety precaution while using it.

Makeup, facial and hair removal: The barber also performs the facial and hair removal process for the client. The study guide will have information about how to perform the makeup and other services in the barber shop. The facial kit will have different kinds of product. You have to learn the purpose of this product and how they work on the face. Every product does some job and gives you gorgeous looking skin. These products are meant for cleaning the skin and giving the bright glow on the skin that looks beautiful. Each skin is different, so you might need to know what suits for what type of skin. You can ask the client if he or she has any sort of allergy to certain kinds of product. The product might have some chemicals that might damage the skin if the person is allergic to something. So it’s better you ask the client before using them. The study guide will have information about the product which is available in the market. The teachers will show you all the product and their use in the facial.

Laws and rules, both legal and ethical: There are certain state laws connected to the barber profession. You must aware all of them before you enter into the business. The study guide will prepare you for the laws and rules to avoid any legal issues. In case of any unexpected incident, you have a deal with the legal authority, professionally if you know what laws and rules are connected to your business. You can cooperate with them and provide them require documentation to complete their legal procedure. In some state, people use fraud certification to start their own barbershop. The government keeps an eye on a local store by verifying each store license and keep everything under the law. Your shop might also receive an inspection after you get the license from the legal authority. The learning material will teach you how to manage the legal procedure and keep yourself out of the trouble.

Manicuring and pedicuring: This is generally performed in the cosmetology expert, but for the information, you have to know how it is performed. The study material will have the information about the manicure and pedicure procedure. In manicure, the Cosmetology work on the cosmetic treatment of the hands involving cutting, shaping, and often painting of the nails. The cosmetology makes your nails look beautiful. It is generally done by the women. In pedicure, the cosmetology performs the treatment on the foot nails. When you are working in the barbershop you can also provide these services to your client. It is better you understand the skill very well to make your client comfortable.

Career Duties:

Professional barber involves in the man activities related the hairstyle and facial. Barber trims your hair and gives the new look to your hair. He will perform his skill to cut the hair and make the new hairstyle that will be uplifted your identity. Barber mostly cut hair of male clients. Many barber shop also provides additional services such as skin care. The facial is most common service that you can get in the barber shop. The facial is done to remove dead skin, black spot, and marks that create a blockage in the skin tissues. These blockages eventually become pimples and spread all over the face. The facial treatment gets rid of these harmful dead skin and oil from your face and makes your skin clean to bread comfortably.

The nail care is another service that you can get in the barber shop. Generally, nail care is done by cosmetology expert who is trained in the shaping the nail and making it look beautiful. Barbershop will have a person who will be doing the nail care as well. The person will cut your nail and give the right shape to it. He will perform the treatment to make your nail look beautiful.

The licensed barber also colors or bleach your hair. He will make your hair look natural by coloring them as per your need. Now a day people use different colors to their hair. Back and browse is most color generally utilized to color hair. You can choose any of them and make your white hair natural by coloring them with the hair color.

The hot facial is another way to make your face look beautiful. Barber can use the hot facial treatment on your face by using hot water vapor. There are several barber equipment available in the market that is used to generate hot water vapor to do the facial. The hot steam opens the skin blockages and removes the dead skin stuck in the holes of the skin. It creates a way to breathing the skin naturally. After facial your face will look energetic and it will glow naturally.

There are many professional barbers who work as per their own work hours. They do not spend the whole day working in the barber shop. They come in the specific time and meet the client. Most barbers work on the weekends or on holidays.

The barber generally performs hair cutting by standing for long period of time. You must have physics where you can comfortably work standing for long hours. Also, while working as a barber, you will be dealing with harsh chemicals found in the hair colors and cosmetics. You have to take care of the health while working as a barber. These chemicals are not good for your health. Any contact with your eyes or any sensitive part will create serious health issues. You must have the practice to use this product on daily basis to avoid any mistakes while using it.

Qualities of the Professional Barber:

1) Barbers are qualified professionals who perform the hair care treatment in the barber shop. The Individual is certified expert having experience practicing the barber skill to qualify the profession. He/she own the state authorized a license to perform the hair treatment.

2) Professional barber develops good communication skill over the period of time. The person deals with the clients on daily basis. He/She is serving the hair treatment in the barber shop. Many times the barber has to communicate with the customer to understand their needs. The customer would prefer the person to attend him professionally have the friendly chat to understand his requirement. It has been seen that customer love to get the haircut from the specific barber because the particular barber understands his need very well. The barber profession requires more practice in the communication and greeting the customer professionally. A person who does not have a good hold on his communication skill might not do well in his barbering career in the long run. If you are entering in the barber profession then develop good communication skill while talking with the people.

3) Barber should be well dressed and must have some unique hairstyle that presents his identity as a barber. Many barber shop tells their employee to have a good looking hairstyle. Customer who is visiting your barber shop must feel that the barber who is going to cut his hair have a great sense of hair styling. He or she is going to judge your quality on the basis of your hairstyle. The barber always should look good when they are in the shop. The presentation is everything in the barber shop. The way you look, how your hairstyle is and the way you greet the clients are some of the factors that make your barber shop unique among all other on street.

4) Barber should take care of the pain that might occur to the client while cutting the hair or doing facial. You must perform treatment gently without bothering to your client. You might require some practice to do a certain task. Do lots of practice on a certain type of activity which might cause the pain to the client. There will be other ways to perform the same task.

5) Remembering the name of the client and their requirement. Your client might come every month to get the haircut. You must greet them with their name. It shows that you remember him. Your client will feel comfortable and he will come back again every time he needs to cut hair. The personalized service helps barber shop get more client and do well in the business. Also, barber should remember the hairstyle your every client requires you to perform. So everything when clients come to your barbershop you do not need to understand it again from the client. You can immediately start cutting the hair as per the client need. It saves the time for the client and he feels comfortable in your barbershop because he knows the hair treatment is in good hand.

6) One of the best quality of the professional barber is they work hard to create their own type of hairstyle for their client. They introduce new hair every month for their client so that their client can opt it for them and look better. You can’t find this facility in the local store. Only a few top barbershop spend their time in creating some different hairstyle and provide them to their client. so do not expect every barbershop to provide such services. It is time-consuming and requires creativity to make a new hairstyle that looks best to everyone.

7) The professional barber takes care of the hygiene. It is their first priority when he performs any treatment on any client. Barbers use many kinds of cosmetic product which has harmful chemicals in it. He must be taking care of these chemicals. You can touch the dirty hand to your client skin. It is an unhealthy practice. Your client may face big consequences by getting into contact with the harmful chemicals. So to avoid any trouble, the barber generally take care of the hygiene. He never compromises in it and performs all the task professionally.

8) The barber who has spent more than 5 years in the industry becomes a trainer in the well-known institute. There are many institutions who call these professional barbers to train others by sharing knowledge. The teaching helps them earn more as well as spread the knowledge among others. The Barber profession is a highly skilled profession. You have to go through serious practice and dedication to reach the height of the profession. People who reach the top position get many opportunities in the industry.

Ways barber can perform his skill and get paid:

There are various ways barber can perform his task and earn money. Here are some of them which you can find in your city.

1) Barber who works in the barbershop. This is the most common type of barber profession. In this, the certified barber join the local barber shop and get paid for their task. The people who are in the early stage of the learning join the barber shop to get some experience in the industry. The barbershop allows them to handle the client and their requirement. Barbershop pays a good salary to the barbers who are working for them. This is an easy way to enter into the barber industry.

After completing few years in the barber shop, the person becomes experience. He gets the knowledge of the different types of the hairstyle and how to perform them. After dealing with the several clients in his career he gets to know the requirement of the clients. The knowledge the barber has earned in his career helps him grow further in the industry.

2) Individual barbers work on their on conditions. They design their working hours as per their convenience. The individual barbers are experience barbers who perform their task in the local barber shop as well as at their personal beauty shop. They take care of their client professionally. These individual barbers are known for their best service that’s why they get more client and appreciation for their service. Some customer prefers to get a haircut from these professional barbers so the arrange the appointment with this individual barber and visit the barbershop when the professional barber is available. Individual barber earns good money because of their reputation in the local barbershop.

These individual barbers work hard to become a known personality in the industry. They provide the best service that no one in the industry can provide to their client. Their communication skill will be up to mark and while having a conversation with them you will feel you are in the good hand. These ability to influence the customer makes these barber more attractive in the profession. They get their recognition because of their overall service experience. Their customer remembers them and calls them whenever they want to perform hair treatment.

3)  Some barber starts their own shop in the local area. These kinds of barber run their own business and try to provide better service compared to other barber shops in the region. The barber work in the shop as the owner of the shop and performs his task by providing good service to his client. The barber who owns the barber shop earns a good income from his shop. If the business is doing great in the region then he expands it in other regions to earn more profit.

Starting a barber stop requires initial capital. This might be a big issue for the many barbers who are willing to start their own stop. Nowadays, there are many financing companies who provide the small room to a barber shop in the corporate building where you can set up your own barbershop. The cost of these shop will be low compared to starting the own shop. You can even pay the rent on the installment and avoid paying the expense before you start earning.

4) Getting into the teaching profession is another option open for the barber profession. People who are experienced in the skill can get into the teaching profession and start other people who want to become a barber. They can join well-known teaching institute available in their city and work as a teacher in the school. The teaching industry is consistently growing and the requirement for the experienced barber who can teach to the student is in demand. Barber get paid good salary as a teacher. In addition, the professional barber can start his own training institute to train the student in his institute. This way he can convert his profession in the business and earn more by training others.

Teaching requires good communication skill. The barber who enter the teaching industry first need to learn how to communicate well while talking. He must have knowledge of the teaching and answer the student questions. The teaching is completely different skill than barbering. Not anyone can go and start teaching to the student. It requires good practice before entering to the teaching industry.

5) Personal barber gets hired by the rich people and celebrity. These people look for the professional barbers who can work for them. Whenever the customer wants to get hair treatment, he contacts his personal barber at home. The barber provides personal service to these clients. He charges good amount to perform his task at the client location. The trend of personal barber is growing in the city. People prefer to have one barber who knows everything about their hairstyle. It makes the customer comfortable when doing hair treatment.

Celebrity generally prefers to have a personal barber. The work of the celebrity is related to the show business. Celebrity has to adopt different kinds of look for their new look. Most of the celebrity changes their hairstyle and look in every few months. Celebrity prefers completely unique look which no one has adopted before. To this job, they require professional barber who can perform the hair treatment. They can’t rely on the local barber who does not have much experience in the hair cutting. Personal barber is most famous in the show business industry. They generally get recognition as the celebrity hairstylist in the industry. This is the top spot of the barber profession where every barber dream to reach in his lifetime.

Difference between hairstylist and Barber:

People sometimes get confused between the barber and hairstylist. That’s ok. Both the job has many similarities which make the understanding difficult.

Let’s see what are the difference between both the profession.

Barber: Barber is involved in cutting your hair making it look handsome. Mainly the male customer prefers to go to the barbershop. There are many unisex barber shop where women are welcome. The barber uses his skill to cut and shape the hair to look good. They do not get involved in styling the hair. Their job is to cut the hair. If you want to give a different style to your hair then you need to take help of the hair stylist. The barbershop generally decorated with simplistic design. They don’t focus on having a designer layout in the shop. You will find few male employee working as Barber. The dressing style of this barber will be simple and mainly use their own clothes in the shop. The barbershop generally does not provide stylish hair cutting service. Also for the female customer, they do no color the hair. The barber will not have the skill to make fashionable haircut. Compared to hairstylist the barber gets less pay.

The hair cutting at the barber shop will be less compared to the hairstylist. The barber will not do shampoo or the hair treatment. They normally focus on the cutting hair and doing basic hairstyle. People who are looking for routing haircut and shaving goes to the barbershop.

Hairstylist: The hairstylist job is the most reputed job in the industry. The hairstylist performs different task in styling the hair of their client. The majority of the client who prefers going to the hairstylist will be women. The hairstylist makes the different hairstyle as per the customer requirement. They will shampoo your hair, color your hair as per your need and give the exclusive hairstyle that you will never find anywhere else. The hairstylist works hard on learning new hairstyles. They try to fulfill customer need and make them happy. The hairstylist job is very challenging. They have to learn faster as the trend changes and give the new hairstyle to the client. When dealing with the customers, the customer will ask to get their hair done in a certain way. Customer sometimes shows the pictures of the model and ask the hairstylist to make their hair look like the model in the picture. To perform the certain task quickly the hairstyle practice a lot. They adopt new changes quickly and make the process faster. By just looking at the pictures of the models, they can style your hair and make you look like the model’s hairstyle. Because of the challenges, the hairstylist job only a few of them get the recognition in the industry. Compared to barber job the hairstylist job is very difficult and requires continuous learning in the field. The hair stylist gets paid good salary compared to the barber. The hairstylist profession is high in demand in the cities.

The hairstylist shop will be elegantly designed. You will feel mesmerized when you enter to the hairstylist shop. They focus on giving extraordinary service to their client. They decorate the shop beautifully. As their profession is required to be creative, you will feel the same sense of creativity in the decor style. They arrange all their tools and equipment beautifully. All their hairstylist looks beautiful and well dress. By looking at them you can clearly see they have a good sense of hairstyling. You will comfortably sit there and ask them to do their job without any doubt. The hairstylist shop work on the presentation of their environment. You will remember those few hours in the hairstylist shop for rest of the day.

Should I Go to a Barber or a Hairdresser?

It is depending on your requirement. First, you need to decide what hair treatment you want to get it done in their shop. If you just looking for the hair cutting then go the Barbershop. The barber is expert in the hair cutting and they will perform their task in quickly. Hair Stylist also cut the hair but they take time to cut the hair as it is not their core practice. Also, hairstylist charge high amount compared to the barbershop. If you re looking for the routine hair cutting then barbershop is the best option for you.

Female barber cutting hair at a barber shop

The hairstylist is recommended when you have to participate in some event or you have an important function in your family. The hairstylist does the hair cutting and styling job. They will give you completely new look to your hair and make you look beautiful in it. The hairstylist work with different products which are specially developed for improving the health of the hair. After applying these products on the hair your hair will look energetic and shine in the crowd. Once you are done with the hairstyle it stays for few days if taken care of your hair properly. The hair styling is not for the people who are looking for the routine haircut. It will be too expensive for you if you choose to go to the hairstylist every month. Choose hairstylist when there is some occasion where you have to prepare extraordinarily. The hairstylist gives you the look that will make you shine in the crowd.

I Want to Become a Barber or Hairdresser:

First choose what you prefer to become a barber or hairstylist. Both the profession has its own pros and cons. You have to make sure you are entering into the right profession in which you have passion. Else, after starting the career you will feel less comfortable and eventually give up. so it is better you first do some writing on the paper to understand all the requirement of both the profession. Both the jobs look simple and interesting but it has their own challenges. Some people get into the profession by looking at their fascinating style and work the barber perform on others hair. It looks attracting at the first time, but the process of becoming barber is too extensive. You have to go through the hard practice and use your creative mind to perform the task. Also, it is not just knowledge that helps you to grow in the field, you must have skill in handling different types of tools and latest equipment. As the barber industry is growing, the new technology is entering into the business. These days many barber and hairstylist shop use different kinds of hair styling machinery to style the hair of their client. You have to learn the operation of this machinery quickly and start using it on your client. While operating them you also need to take care of the client’s hair. Small mistakes can create chaos in the barbershop. Your client will be very upset on your performance. If the client gets hurt because of any machinery or tool then he can raise a complaint against your shop and file is a legal charge on you.

The barbershop hires the people who are well trained and know how to perform the certain task effectively. They never entertain the people who are immature and do not understand the seriousness of the business. People who are planning to get into the Barber business should understand the need of this field and trained themselves to suit in the ecosystem. People who are passionate about the career and ready to go through hard practice only reach the position where they dream in the future.

If you are planning to make a career in this profession then is the ultimate place where you can all the information and related jobs available in the city.

How to search for jobs once you receive your barbers or cosmetology license?

Don’t expect anything magical after you complete the certification process. After you done the training from the barber school, the next step is to find the right job that suits your need. There are many students who pass out from the barber school every month. You are going to compete with them in finding the job. As you know the barber shops are limited in every city. You might need to spend a good amount of time searching for the right job for you. Do not expect overnight success. Now you might think then why you entered in the field if there are no jobs available for the barbers in the city.

Don’t worry! There is a solution available for the passionate barbers. is the answer to all your queries. will take all your struggle out of the job search process. By visiting the website you can search for the right job and get selected for the job. It is the platform where you can jump start your barber career immediately. There are many Barber jobs available in a city. Just register on the website and search for available jobs. A large number of job application has been published on the website. You will find good opportunities on the site. It is the ultimate source to find the employment in the barber industry. so don’t waste time and start searching today.


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