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Tomb45 Shave Gel was formulated by Chris Bossio in 2016. It is manufactured in Tampa Fl by barbers. 

A lot of trial and error went into creating this shave gel. The formula was tweaked with the feedback and input of barbers throughout the US with the goal of creating a gel that did not irritate even the most sensitive skin.
The traditional applicator bottle was chosen after attempting many traditional packaging options. It benefits both professionals and private in home use.
For professionals, it’s transparent hue allows the barbers to know when they are running low. The twist applicator allows application directly to the client while hovering over the skin. It also allows 100% of the product to be used instead of wasting it in pump action bottles.
At home, the bottle will not rust – yeah we’ve all been there. There is no oozing of product after a good squeeze.
The fragrance was also developed by Barbers. A unique combination that gives a hint of old school with fresh and modern. Feedback has been so great, we are considering a cologne!
This listing isn’t fancy – it’s useful, to the point and we hope, informative.
This options provides one shave gel bottle with approximately 8oz of gel.
When compared to other shave gels, our product gives you more.


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