Really helpful fashion: pure pomp

The natural pomp is the bread and butter of the modern hair salon.

Maybe you know it as a short back and sides. This example gives a little humble flair with a slight pomp on the edge.

Although modest in nature, the possibilities with this style are really endless. This cut allows flexibility with styling options that depend on the occasion. It can be slammed with a high hold & shine product like deluxe pomade and worn firmly. It is carried high and structured with featherweight or, as in this example, left natural.

Check out the following natural pomp from Mikal Zack, owner of Leftys barbershop and Uppercut Deluxe member.

Styling Powder is a specially developed hair product for men that gives volume, texture and hold while maintaining a natural finish.

This makes it the perfect product for natural looking men's hairstyles. Styling Powder emphasizes the natural flow and movement of the hair without dominating it like a traditional styling product.


Styling a natural pomp with styling powder is as easy as shake & rake.

To be honest, the trick to achieve this style is to dry your hair properly.

Before styling your hair, we always recommend a full wash cycle with Uppercut Deluxe Everyday Shampoo and Conditioner. Freshly washed hair is much easier to style!

Styling powder is best for dry hair. For this style, we recommend using a hair dryer. Give your hair a dry towel after washing.

Next, put your dryer on medium heat and start drying your hair gently. After drying, point the bangs backwards at an angle of 45 degrees. The heat of the hair dryer forms the basis for your style.

Then spread the styling powder evenly over your hair, ensuring complete coverage.

Finally, use your fingers to rake the product through your hair.

It's really that simple!


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