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How To Hire a Barber 2018

Need to Hire a Barber?

Hire a barber, okay… Done! If so then you’ve hit the jackpot. ChoiceBarber.com is on a mission to connect you with the best talent and connect the best talent to you. We are like a dating site for barbers and barbershops, but please remember to keep it platonic (strictly friends!)

Whether you are a newly opened barbershop or established in the last century, you will find the perfect barber with us. Here you’ll find a guide to hiring barbers for your barbershop.

The Hiring Process

In the styling industry, the quality of clients depends on the level of your employee’s professionalism as a barbershop owner. Building a team of highly talented barbers could take your business off the ground if you’re starting. If you’re an old business, adding “new blood” to your shop can also help you increase profits.

Make your like easier

Hiring a barber is easy on ChoiceBarber.com because we screen all applications and filter all applicants to pick the best of the best.

Okay. Okay but do I go about how to hiring a barber? What do I to look for? Are there any red flags to avoid?

Let’s get personal

Let me tell you, hiring a barber in 2018 is not as hard as you imagine. But, I’ll give you some of my best tips that can help you land your perfect team member yet.

In style-based businesses, customers are fickle. You must offer them a reason to come back. Barbers who have mastered the craft might find themselves without clients if they don’t have social skills. Therefore, if you have to choose between mastery and personality, choose a character.

What to look for

Of course, knowledge helps create customers loyalty, but if your barbers are boring, the clients might not come back. To sum up, you should look for:

  • Personal Hygiene:

    There’s really no excuse for being poorly groomed, especially in the styling business. You should hire a barber who knows how to dress and smell nice. Don’t make an exception. People do and will judge based on appearance, even without one’s saying a word, the client will already have made an impression. You can control that by putting your best-looking barber at the front door of your shop. You can’t do that if you tolerate irresponsible behavior from your employees. It doesn’t mean that you should hire someone who is “cute,” but someone who knows how to use his or her appearance to form a positive impression of himself\herself and your business.

  • Social Skills:

    As discussed above, social skills will trump mastery of the craft in most of the situations. Social power is one of the most powerful weapons in business; it applies to the styling business more than any other. Being able to meet and greet the guests is a fine art that only a highly talented barber can achieve. There are other important traits to look for in a barber such as:

  1. Confidence:

    The barber you hire should have faith in his\her skills whether social skills or technical expertise. Your clients will trust this person with their heads if he\she isn’t at peace with himself\herself you might as well skip hiring altogether.

  2. Personality:

    Whether you are a unisex salon, or for men only, you’ll need someone who can handle men, women, and children. A vibrant personality in the workplace is something that a few barbers can express. Styling business is about humans; barbering is a service offered by humans to humans. So never, underestimate the power of a vibrant personality in building customers loyalty.

  3. Emotional Intelligence:

    As with any human-based business, you can find that an emotionally intelligent barber is much more helpful and easy to work with, than a “night owl.” (No hard feelings, night owls!) As a barbershop owner, you should be able to read people, recognize speech patterns, and respond accordingly. This one is as important for your team as it is for you. Ask yourself, will the candidate be able to mesh well with your work environment and the staff?

It’s time to Hire a Barber

Now, we’ve covered the social traits of a talented barber, let’s look at his\her hands. How he\she handles the scissors will tell you volumes. The interview process is also, where you can learn a lot about your next barber. Put them to test, see how they handle the clients, how they behave around them, also you’ll be able to assess their level of mastery.

Put them to the test.

While a license doesn’t tell much about actual talent, it helps to ask for previous training, certificates, or licenses. If a barber is serious about mastering the craft, he\she will go to extreme lengths to acquire that knowledge. Again, it should be obvious from how they handle the scissors, talk with clients, and perform in the interview.

Motor skills

Furthermore, you should hire a barber who has a high level of dexterity because he\she will be working with his\her hands most of the time. Motor skills are also an important part of hiring a good barber, is he\she comfortable with moving the his\her body to awkward angles to reach hard spots? Will he\she be able to stand for hours on end without complaining? When it’s busy, it’s busy. Another important factor is a his\her sense of aesthetics; of course, he\she must have the beautiful eyes to help your clients get the look they’re looking for.

A good barber can think quickly with both feet on the ground. He\she is respectful, knowledgeable, and fun to be around. Since he\she has the power to make permanent changes to people’s appearance, they must also be responsible and accountable.

Barbers Wanted: Where to find Barbers? With 2018 quickly approaching barbershop owners want to know where is the best place to post a job listing. This article answers that question and more. However, before we jump into it lets discuss the future of barbering and what it is currently.

The Barber Industry

The Barber Industry is growing at an incredible rate. According to BLS.gov researchers project that the employment of barbers is projected to grow 11 percent from 2012 to 2022. The need for barbers will stem primarily from an increasing population, which will lead to greater demand for basic hair-care services.

Barbers Wanted

It’s obvious then that if the demand for barbers is increasing then the need for more barber shops will increase. However, many barbershop owners voice their concerns about how difficult it is to find professional, responsible, and honest Barbers. Why so?

As a barbershop owner you well know that the location as well as the theme of your shop plays a huge roll in the kind of barbers you hire, the type of clientele you draw, and the menu of services you offer. Therefore, before searching for a Barber to hire, ask yourself “What theme does my shop convey?” This question, although obvious is an important one. Why? Because, if you (the shop owner) are not professional, responsible, and honest how do you expect your Barbers to be. Yes, as the owner of your establishment you set the standard. Your barbers and barbershop are a reflection of you. So what type shop owner are you?

Next, reason it’s difficult to find barbers is the fact that there are so many talented skilled barbers who do not possess a Barbers License, therefore, barbershop owners run the risk of getting fined, jailed, or having their own business license suspended if the state inspector finds unlicensed individuals practicing barbering in their barber shop or salon.

Why hire a licensed barber?

You may wonder why is it necessary for an individual to obtain a Barber License if they’re just cutting hair. True, anyone can cut hair but not everyone can call themselves a Barber. Now you’re probably thinking “I know more talented unlicensed barbers then licensed barbers.” Although you may feel that is true, bottom line is it’s the Law. Barbering isn’t just about giving someone a good haircut. It’s about giving your clients an experience in a safe, clean, and professional environment.  As a barbershop or salon owner it will benefit you and your customers in the long run to hire a licensed barber that has taken the time to earn their credentials.

if you want a professional, hire a professional

Finding a barber?

How do shop owners find licensed barbers to work for them?

Social Media

The internet there are hundreds possibly even thousands of ways a barber shop owner can find a barber. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to name a few are the top social media platforms that allow users to share, like and post their favorite photos and ideas. These social media platforms can be useful for many barber shop owners in their search for talented barbers. Yes, the saying is true “a picture says a thousand words.”

Promote Your Barbershop on Social Media

Marketing a barbershop on social media works similarly to how many barbers gain new customers without the internet. Word of mouth! As a result, when a barber gives you a great haircut, it is likely that you will receive compliments or inquiry from their peers.

Usually when this happens the individual will be able to direct potential new customers to the barbershop.

Build a Following  Online

Initially, when building an online presence, it is highly recommended that preexisting customers become the foundation of the barbershop’s social media.

Generally, this is a much more effective strategy than trying to start with zero traffic to your shop’s social media platforms. And trying to entice new customers who have had no previous connection or experience with your shop.

Try this

Some methods to promote customers to give the shop recognition online include:

How to promote your barbershon social media

  • adding social media information to business cards
  • displaying your barber’s skill with pictures of their cuts on a shop-branded Instagram
  • having posters (or other visual aids) made in visible view from the reception area
  • waiting area and floor space with your social media information and a tag line such as: “like your haircut? Follow us online”
  • A more direct tactic involves taking photos of finished haircuts

Notably, this should be done regularly for Instagram regardless and offering to tag the client so they can have the photo appear on their own page.

Final Tip

Furthermore, it is important to remember that having a large number of fans online is a great way to convey the popularity and interest.  This will even convey a message that you have a quality shop.

That being said, the demographics and geographic location of your target market are much more important than having thousands of likes.

Ultimately, social media should be utilized for the purpose of

  • advertising for the sake of conversion
  • to build clientele
  • increase shop revenue

In conclusion, if your fans online live in another country, then it’s not likely that they are boosting your shops service revenue.

Your Thoughts

We’d love to hear from you. Leave your questions or comments below. Thanks!

Job Boards

In addition to social media are Job Boards. Websites such as ChoiceBarber.com, Craigslist.org, and Indeed.com for example are valuable tools to use in your endeavors to find qualified candidates. These platforms give you the barbershop or salon owner an opportunity to write an engaging job listing that attracts the kind of barbers you wish to employ. Here is a hint: let the job seeker know exactly what you require before they even attempt to call or submit a resume.

Visit Schools

Visiting barber training institutions is yet another way to scout for your next barber. Getting a feel of your local cosmetology or barber schools, engaging with students, and acting as a mentor can increase your odds of finding the right barber. In addition, recruiting from a Barber School ultimately means your potential employee is on the path to obtaining a Barbers License in the near future. Of course on the job training and mentoring will be necessary, however, think of how rewarding it will be to have helped a newly licensed barber jump start their career.

Asking the right questions

Remember, in most states it is illegal for an unlicensed barbers to practice barbering without a state issued Barbers Licensed. Therefore, a barber shop owner’s first interview question to a potential employee or booth renter should be “Do you have a Barbers License?” Or check to see if your state allows for Apprenticeship. DOS.NY.gov defines apprentice as a person pursuing in good faith a course of study in the practice of barbering under the supervision and direction of a licensee and who assists such licensee.

If your state offers this program we suggest you take advantage of the Apprenticeship program.

Now Hiring?

As mentioned previously posting a Now Hiring Ad to a job board is an excellent way to attract potential candidates. ChoiceBarber.com is the leading online job board for Barbers. Both barbers and employers have an opportunity to connect with their prospective employer or employee.

Here are 3 reasons you should to choose ChoiceBarber.com over the competitors: One, they creates more jobs for barbers. Second, they offer a data base which allows barbers to search for jobs all over the United States. Third, they help employers find quality barbers for their barber shop.


Employers choose ChoiceBarber.com because it’s just for Barbers only. By posting a listing on our job board you can reach a specific group of candidates faster than ever before. Although, a lot of talented barbers out there already have jobs, research shows that even the most content Barbers like to explore their options. Therefore, by posting an engaging job listing you may persuade that superstar barber to come work for you.


This Job Board for Barbers is a no-brainier for licensed barbers because they can jump start their careers by submitting their resumes online. Choice Barber company allows barbers to search several job listings, submit a resume, and connect with barber shop owners.
At Choice Barber we’re all about supporting the underdog, the newbie, and the beginner start building your barber career with us. Don’t miss an opportunity visit ChoiceBarber.com today for more information.

Writing a Job Post That Will Engage Barbers

How to write a job post that will engage barbers in 2018. As an employer you should never underestimate the importance of writing a well written job post. Advertising a job post is an effective and inexpensive way to attract top barbers. However, if your job posts are generic or unexciting more than likely that’s the kind of barber or stylist you will attract. If you need assistance with developing your own job post try following some of the steps listed below. Learn how to write a job post for barbers.

Job Title

Does your job title or headline immediately explain what type of candidate you are looking? For instance, if you’re seeking a full time barber your job title should read this way: Now Hiring Full Time Licensed Barbers!
In this example the objective was to attract barbers that are available to work full time. Hence, by making it clear in the beginning you now weed out all those who are not available full time.


Many online job sites will prompt you to provide a location DO NOT overlook this option. In addition, provide the address of your barbershop or salon in the job description. If you do not wish to advertise that information up front indicate the state or city (zip code).


Although, you’re not trying to win the Job Post of the Year Award, writing a clear and understandable job description is probably the most important part of developing an effective job post. This section should immediately capture the attention of your future employee (barber). Within a few sentences explain why he/she should want to work for your barbershop or salon. List job duties and expectations, be up front! As mention previously when you are specific and clear about what you are looking for it is unlikely unqualified candidates will apply. Ask yourself the following questions?

  • Am I looking for a Full-time or Part-time barber?
  • Am I looking for a licensed or experienced barber? (How many years of experience are required?)
  • Am I looking for a commission based employee or booth renter?
  • Am I looking for a barber that’s available on holidays, weekends, and Sundays?
  • Am I looking for a barber that has a following? (Meaning they all ready have clients)
  • Am I looking for a barber that has experience with other services such as hot towel shaves, facials, beard grooming, color applications etc.?
  • Am I looking for a female barber (Yes, you are allowed to indicate this in your job description)?

Within your job description also mention MUST HAVES:


  • Must be energetic
  • Must be friendly
  • Must be customer service oriented
  • Must able and willing to cut women and children’s hair
  • Must be able to perform and complete a fade, bald fade, gentlemen cut etc.
  • Must possess a Barber Licenses
  • Must have and use your own clippers, liners, trimmers etc.


Barbers eyes light up when they see compensation and benefits mention in the job description. Do not be vague in this section. Discuss commission (ex. 70% / 30% plus tips) or if it’s hourly discuss hourly pay (ex. $10/hour plus tips).

Check point: Try to keep your Job Description short and to the point use a 1,000 characters or less.

About the company

Next, tell your candidates a little more about you and/or your shop. Highlight the perks of the position. Have fun with this section because you want your barber(s) to be excited about coming to work for you. Hence, in a few sentences sell yourself! Similarly, let them know that your barbershop is an awesome place to work. Include images (if applicable) and a little history about your barbershop or salon. This would be a good place to include the physical address and/or website. Candidates love viewing websites, because it adds value to your shop. It lets them know you’re keeping up with technology and staying ahead of the competition.

Call to Action

A “call-to-action” should be provided at the end of your job post. As a result, a call-to-action gives your applicant clear instructions on how to submit their application, resume, or contact information.

Adding images

If this option is available take advantage. In the barber industry an image can go a long way and the same is true for job listings. Wouldn’t you rather view images rather than just read a bunch of text? Additionally,when selecting an image, select an original photo such as a picture of your barbershop or a recent haircut. Make sure your photo is relevant.

Should Nots

A list of things you should not include in your job post:

  • Abbreviations throughout job title or job description (this in not appealing to anyone, so don’t do it!)
  • Vague titles such as Barber or Stylist (Try: Now Hiring: Full Time Licensed Barbers)
  • Long job description
  • Unnecessary photos


Exhausted Yet?

Although, it may not be easy writing or creating a job post in the beginning it’s worth the effort and time at the end. Because a well written job post can mean the difference between receiving 20 applications from 20 unqualified barbers and receiving 3 applications from 3 qualified barbers. Which would you rather have? Obviously, you want the 3 qualified barbers because you know one out of three of those barbers will help you grow your brand. Take a look at the example below:


In conclusion, you want the best of the best to work for you so follow these tips on how to write a job post for barbers and you’re bound to get good results. Also, most importantly be honest, clear, and up front!

Refer to How To Post a Job Listing video for  more information on targeted online job boards for barbers.


Tell us about your hiring experience!

Hopefully this guide has given you some valuable insight on How To Hire A Barber in 2018.

We want to hear about how you have hired barbers and what  has helped you get your top barbers in your shop.

If you have any unique strategies, ideas, stories, challenges, or questions about How To Hire A Barber, feel free to leave your comments below and share them with everyone today.





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