how does a barber make a year

How Much Money Does a Barber Make a Year

How Much Money Does a Barber Make a Year

Ever wonder how much money does a barber make a year.

Think whenever you ask a young child about what they want to be “when they grow up.”

Most often you will hear answers like firemen, doctors, or lawyers; hero type occupations, or professions which make bank.

What you won’t hear very often is young girls or  boys dreaming of growing up to become a barber.

how much money does a barber make a year

The barber profession gets a bad rap as not being prestigious enough and it’s certainly not considered by most to be one which provides a comfortable lifestyle.

However, this view is wrong, but how much money does a barbers make a year anyway?

The answer to the above question is a hard one to pin down, because, like most things, it depends.

Those just starting out in the industry may feel like they’ve stepped into the wrong profession as they struggle to attract clients and pay the bills.


Success is achieved when a Barber is persistent and hones their trade. Just like any other profession, you must start at the bottom, set your goals, and work your way up.

How Much Money Does a New Barber Make

A new barber, just starting out and learning the ropes from an experienced professional, should reasonably expect to make close to $9-$11 an hour not including tips.

How Much Money Does an Experienced Barber Make a Year

As you gain experience, your hourly rate will increase. In general, a barber working for an employer will eventually be able to receive a wage in the range of $23 to $30+ an hour.

Barbers who venture out to build their own business can expect to create a better future for themselves if they work smarter rather than harder, such as offering premium grooming products and services to clients.

Many successful barbers achieve figures in the range of $70,000 per year, to $200,000 per year; income figures that are indeed worth writing home about.

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