how much money does a barber make

How Much Money Does A Barber Make 2018

In today’s article How much money does a barber make in 2018 you will discover how barbers increase there revenue by offering there clients more than just a hair cut.

How much money does a barber make 2018

How much money does a barber make? This is most likely one of the most common questions a Barber is asked. It was definitely something we were curious about. So, we Googled it! (See image below).

Barber Salary 2018


Not appealing at all, right? These statistics almost make you want to choose a different profession, right? Well, don’t. Why, not? Because, we have good news!

Barber Salary – Good News

We didn’t let those low-ball income statistics hinder us from pursuing our passion nor should that stop you. Why? Because you shouldn’t want to learn to cut hair just to make fast money (or a quick buck).

On the contrary, it should be because barbering is something you are truly interested in learning and are passionate about.

I’m glad we didn’t give up and I hope you don’t either. Had we made the decision to pursue a different career path, we would have never found out the truth. The REAL truth about how much money a barber could actually make.

The truth

It’s at barber school you’ll realize that the income statistics sited on (and other websites) are completely inaccurate… for some barbers. However, we had several guest speakers (top barbers in the industry) such as Barber Soul, RockDidIt, Pacinos, the founders of the National Barbers Association and many others successful barbers come to give lectures.

Q & A

Once the floor opened up for Q & A, the first question every student wanted to know is how much money do you make? Or how much money does a barber make a day, week, or year?

All the Barbers responded to these questions in a different way. Some gave an upfront estimate while others chose to not give an estimate at all. Rather, they would pose a question to the students: How much money do you want to make? Think about it.

Earning Potential

You can make as much money as you want to make in this industry. Some barbers can make between $0-$1000 or more a week. Yes, I said it: two thousand dollars or more a week. That kind of income is life changing, isn’t it? However, consider those barbers who are making zero dollars a week.

Yup, those are the barbers with no clients, no motivation, no ambition, and basically don’t cut hair at all because barbering really isn’t something they’re passionate about.

Be your own Boss

As a Barber you are your own boss. You set your own hours, you pick you own clientele, and you set your own salary. And that’s part of the beauty of being a Barber. However, if you’re investing time and money into a trade (skill) you’re not passionate about its like working at a 9-5 job that you hate. And more than likely if you’re just getting into barbering you already work a 9-5 that you hate.

Our point is this: do what you love even if it’s not barbering. Ask yourself: What am I truly passionate about? Once you come up with an answer invest your resources and time into that field (career). You’ll be much happier and successful.

Do Barbers Make A $1000 A Week

If you think that barbers are the lowest paid worker group out there, you are terribly wrong. And while some barbers are definitely left with no profit at all – this is mostly because they don’t know how to find clients and promote their business. In a nutshell, everything revolves around advertising your barbering services in an effective way to the right clientele. When that is done successfully you can raise your prices and even attract Hollywood clients.

So, is it possible to make $1000 a week barbering? Absolutely!

You’re probably wondering at this point “Okay, I understand how I can become a zero dollar a week barber but how do I become a barber that earns $1000 or more a week?” Well, the truth is to reach that 100k income you’ll have to do more than just cut hair unless you want to cut 15-20 heads a day. (See image below)

Image by Laron @gentlemancutz

Although, the visual aid shown above clearly affirms that it is possible to make $100,000 a year just cutting hair, notice that you’ll have to work 7 days, every week, for an entire new year. Is that really what you want to do? If it is, great! It’s certainly an achievable goal. But what if I told you that it’s possible to make that same income working less?

Earn More Money

As a licensed barber you are now the authority or expert on everything hair. Your credentials displayed at your workstation tell individuals that you are a knowledgeable and skilled Barber.

With that in mind you have the responsibility as the “expert” to not only recommend products or services to clients but also to sell products and services to your clients.

Offering More

In order to become a top earning barber you are going to have to learn how to up-sell services and products. You will be doing your client and yourself a favor by doing so.

Think about it. You more than likely are already using and recommending a few hair care products for your clients currently. In fact, all your clients are asking where to purchase that particular product because of how good it works.

Of course, you tell them and they go and buy it. Do you see the problem in this scenario? Why are you sending your clients to buy products from someone else when you could sale the product to them yourself?

Up-sell Barber Services

Below, we are listing the best ways to up-sell barber services and make profits – even $1000 a week barbering without even trying hard. Because when you see it, $1000 a week barbering is $200 a day – and $200 a day is four clients each worth $50.
Can you do it? Of course you can. Here is how.


Granted, a customer is sitting in front of you, you are cutting his hair, and you can’t help but ask: “How do you maintain your hair? Want a shampoo that makes it softer? And what about the beard? I think you need a fresh cut over there as well…”

Now folks, that is one way successful barbers up-sell their services.


Why don’t you encourage your client to have a wash before the cut? Instead of a dry cut, they will feel better, and you will be able to give them a better haircut. Plus, it’s another way to up-selling your barbering service, right?


Placing shampoos, lotions and creams that you are selling in front of your clients is a win-win for capturing their interest. Truthfully, they have no other place to look than the mirror – and what’s surrounding it. Therefore, this is your chance to max our the sales on your products as well.


Regardless, whether its a gel? Or a lotion? Or a face cream – that you are reselling?

Whatever it is, your product is hopefully good enough to drop the jaws of your customers when it comes to their hair, beard or face. Most of the times, they are skeptical of buying it just because they haven’t seen the results.

Nonetheless, that is why you should let clients try a product without commitment to buy it – and you will definitely get a great value and return on your investment.


Grooming, eyebrow threading, nose hair trims, etc. There are tons of services you can offer to your clients and ensure that they are well groomed from the top of their head to the bottom. We hope that these tips will help you make $1000 a week barbering – and a lot more in the future!

View the chart below to see how you can earn additional income by selling products.

ProductWholesale PriceRetail PriceProfit
ABC Smooth Hair Gel$5 ea.$10 ea.$5
ABC Smooth Hair Spray$8 ea.$16 ea.$8
ABC Shampoo$15 ea.$30 ea.$15
ABC Conditioner$15 ea.$30 ea.$15

Using the sample table above can you visualize how it’s possible to make more money working less? All you have to do is recommend the product and sell it.

Sample Barber Up-sell Table

Now let’s see another way to earn more revenue by up-selling services. (See table below)

Client AClient BClient C
Facial$25Hair gel$5 (profit)Beard$15
Beard$15Shampoo$15 (profit)Eyebrows$8
Eyebrows$8Conditioner$15 (profit)

Although, the Client A, B, and C table above is just an example, these are actually some ways you can increase your daily ticket sales just by adding on products or additional services.

In addition to the more common services already mentioned also consider offering color applications and other chemical services that are becoming ever more popular to stay ahead of the competition.

Learning is Earning

Our point is this: don’t limit yourself to just haircuts? Make more money doing less work with fewer clients by working smarter, not harder.

Check Point: At this time we want you to make your own chart or table using either Client A, B, or C (mix them up even). See how much money you can earn in a year if every client was either an A-C. For example:

Client C ($43)
8 clients a day (Tuesday- Saturday)
8 clients a day x $43 per ticket =$344 per day
$344 x 5 days = $1720 per week
$1720 x 4 week = $6880 per month
$6880 x 12 months (1 year) = $82,560 per year

Note: Another way to make more working less is by working at a barbershop that has a higher price point. Instead of making $20 a hair cut, work at salon or barber shop that charges $25-$50 a hair cut.

Working smarter, not harder

Of course, being “behind the chair” isn’t the only way you can earn revenue. For instance, many barbers turn to mentoring and instructing after some years in the barber shop. Some create there on How-to videos and write books on barbering and business.

Others create Apps to help barbers be more productive and efficient. Some barbers even create their own products which are mass produced and sold worldwide.

Those interested in getting sponsored by their favorite brands usually become platform artists. And many eventually open up there own barbershop, salon, or barber school. These are just a few of the path you can take as your barber career progresses.

Check point: Write down some of your short term and long term goals. Post it somewhere that you can be reminded daily that these are the goals you want accomplish.

As a result, you can start preparing for it now. How? If you haven’t already enrolled in barber school, go do it right now if you are serious about becoming a Barber.

Be committed to completing your hourly requirement, take in as much knowledge as you can (read plenty of books), gives as many haircuts as you can give (even if you make mistakes), and ask as many questions as you can ask: to peers, instructors, and guest speakers, etc. Following these steps will only make you a better barber.

Become a Better Barber

Therefore, at this time we’d like to share with you 3 must watch videos to get you motivated and focused. These videos will encourage you to pursue your dreams and reach your goals.

“You can’t wait for the opportunity to come, you have to make your own opportunity” – Vick the Barber.

Our first video is by Vick the Barber on Barbers and Money:


A few pointers we hope you noted well watching this video:

Chris Bossio Net Worth

Another helpful video by Chris Bossio as he speaks on A Barbers Salary and his personal experience in the industry.

“What you make in this industry is totally up to you” – Chris Bossio

A few notes we hope you took well watching this video:

  • What you make in this industry is totally up to you
  • Don’t give up on going to barber school
  • Becoming a barber can be life changing

Chris Bossio is the owner of Headlines Barber shop located in Tampa, FL. He is well known in the Barbering Industry as an Educator, Master Barber, YouTube Creator and Product Creator with his most recent release of the Tomb45 Shave Gel





Finally, our last featured video is by GameChanger on Barbers and Money

“Set a goal and stick to it” -GameChanger

A few notes we hope you took well watching this video:

  • Be committed
  • Do not relay on tips
  • Learn how to market yourself on social media
  • Work hard and set a goal

“The more money you put away [save], the more money you can invest in yourself” –Jay the Barbe

Passion equals profit

In conclusion, if you are passionate about barbering you will be successful in this industry whether your making $100 a day or $500 a day. As long as do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.












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