How to find a Barber Job

How To Find Barber Jobs 2018

How to Find Barber Jobs

The Ultimate Guide to Obtaining, Keeping, and Growing Your Barber Job

Barber Jobs are expected to grow in the years following 2018 until 2026. While there are more created barber positions with each passing year, it’s an increasingly competitive field. Only the best prepared can land the interview and eventually the job.

Most states require that the barber obtain specialized training in an approved barber school. You can receive your training through barbers school, educational programs, or apprenticeship. If you are struggling with getting a job, this guide is for you.

Provided that robots don’t steal it first, you have a good chance at securing a barber job for years to come.

Barbers who are looking for work might lack the communication skills required to persuade salon owners to hire them. You might think it’s impossible to get a barber job, but the evidence is against you.

Whatever the level of your education, you can make it. If it is something you genuinely want.

This guide will help you with everything:

  • Hunting your job online
  • Writing a resume that will land you the job.
  • Preparing for the interview.
  • Interviewing skills you’ll need.
  • How to market yourself as well.

Education & Training

Your barber license will be the cornerstone of your entire career. It is the single most important entry on your resume. Fortunately, it’s not impossible to obtain.

Most regulations require a barber’s license for barbers’ jobs. However, some barber shops in some states aren’t strict about it.

In some cases, you might skip the formal training and go straight for an apprenticeship. After you master the craft, you can either start your salon or work in other salons.

Some barbers get the job depending on their skill alone, but these are the rare cases.

Unfortunately, there’s no job waiting for you once you finish school. Whether you blame it on the economy or just the natural order of things, you are responsible for creating your job today.

On the bright side, the tools to build your career are available, and they are free. You just need to use them right.

Employed vs. Self-Employed

If you want to start your own Barber shop, you’ll find an apprenticeship more rewarding. You’ll learn the business side of it from day one. It comes with a few burdens that come with running a business. You will be responsible for finding good barbers to hire, making tough financial decisions, and setting a strict schedule.

Being employed means you just need the license, and the desire to be the best at what you do. It’s less risky, but you’ll have to prove yourself to your employer every day.

Alternatively, you can rent a booth in a reputable barbershop. Motivated independent barbers can earn a nice living.

Room for Expansion

The personal care service industry will never seize to amaze. People will never stop trying new things to alter their appearance. Thus, you must continue self-education to stay on top of new techniques and trends.

You can take courses, online or offline. Keep up to date with new trends and offer your clients the best customer service, whether you own the salon or work on it.

You can also upgrade your career by becoming a hair stylist instead of a barber. Hairstylists make more money than barbers since they do much more than barbering.

A far cousin of the barber is the cosmetologist who offers makeup advice to clients. And recommend hair and skin products for salons. You can be all three, which will make you high on demand.

Barber shops and salons aren’t the only places where you can find jobs for barbers. You can find barber jobs in military bases, jails, prisons, hospitals, hotels, and spas. Many of these facilities have an on-site barber shop.

Most of these places might give you a test job during the interview to gauge your skill level. Be prepared with your barbering kit.

Being a barber, you will get to meet high-profile people and even travel the world. Thus, wear your best smile and be optimistic.

How to Start an Online Job Search

Essentially, searching for barber jobs online is a matter of information. The more information you have about your employer and yourself the better.

Whether you’re looking for a permanent position or a part-time job, you’ll need to fill a job application on a job board or employer’s website. You will need:

  • Reliable internet access.
  • A separate email account for searching for the job.
  • Your latest resume.
  • Cover letter.
  • Your employment history, if any.
  • Your availability to work if you want to work part-time.

You might need to take an online employment test as part of the job application process. You might also need to prepare to offer employment references.

Preparing Your Resume

The resume is the first thing you must prepare when you are applying for a barber job online. It should include:

Up-to-date, detailed contact information:

Your name, the dedicated email address, and phone number.

Social networks handles:

Whether you’re on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, include links. Your employer will search for them, make it easy.

  • Add your blog, personal website, or any other online presence.
  • Add any foreign languages you speak.

Know what you’re applying for:

Mention your barbering skills including cutting, trimming, and shampooing. In the online search, the job description is the keywords your employer will search for and understand.

It will help you a lot to include any professional experience you have. Make sure to include company name and URL, job title, start and end dates, job responsibility, and awards\achievements.

Just as you would include your employment history, also include your education history. Mention the school you went to, the degrees you earned, and the extracurricular studies you did.

Whether you worked independently or in a barbershop, try to include the names and contact information of your clients. (With their permission.)

No professional experience? Include any volunteer work you’ve done. Make sure any professional experience you add can and will align with you job you want.

Always be concise and straight to the point. When it’s your first time to apply for a barber job, you need to highlight your skills. Sell what you can do to your employer. How your skills will help bring more clients and grow the business.

What to wear:

At this point, prepare the clothes you’ll wear for the interview. You don’t want to give it another thought once you do land the interview. Preparation is everything, at each step. The last thing you want is to waste your mental energy on deciding what to wear.

Dress professionally. No matter the environment around you. Professional clothes convey that you’re there for business. Don’t wear your interview clothes in any other settings for any other occasion. The interview clothes should be exclusively for the interview.

It’s the first impressions that count. Make sure the clothes are clean, tidy, and ironed. In short, look your best. A professional look can help establish rapport and inspire trust in your interviewer.

Furthermore, think about your makeup or accessories beforehand. Determine things like hairstyle as well. Every minute detail will add up to your score with the interviewer. Leave nothing to chance.

Publishing Your Resume

Why publish your resume on Choice Barber?

Unlike other career websites, we are a community of barbers and salon owners. Our mission is to connect those who are looking for barber jobs and those who are looking to hire barbers. We built everything with you in mind.

That way, you’re confident that you target the right employers since they are already here looking for you. As opposed to casting a wider net and hoping for the best.

We are the ultimate community built for barbers by barbers. By publishing your resume with us, you have the best exposure. It’s completely free.

You can choose from hundreds of barber jobs, starting from an apprentice all the way up to master barber and everything in between. Apply to the one you think is the best fit for you, and track your progress on our dashboard. We’ve approved each listing before publishing it on our website.

Take advantage of our search function that helps you find the best barber jobs. Did you know that our employers are looking for you? Whether you are a master barber, looking for an apprenticeship, or have no experience at all, you’ll find a job for you.

Once you have your resume published, keep an eye on the messages you receive. You can upload references and other documents to build your profile.

Okay, so, now your probably wondering “How do I write a resume with no work experience?” No worries we got you covered CLICK HERE!

How to ace the interview process

Preparing your resume is a crucial step because it will lead to the interview.

Taking the time to craft the perfect resume is one thing but winning the interview is another story. As in courtship, you must charm your future employer with everything you got. A job is a life. You have to convince your employer that you’ll be a valuable addition to the business. In other words, you have to sell yourself.

How do you go about that? Do your homework.

Know Everything about the Job

Study the job description to understand the required skills, qualifications, and experiences. Practice putting yourself in the shoes of your employer? That way you can visualize what they want from you.

When you’re searching online pay close attention to the job description. Usually, it contains the keywords you want to use. Whether you are writing your application or searching for a job.

Increase Your Job Compatibility

Match your assets with the skills you found in the job description. This step will help you increase self-confidence during the interview. Focus on formulating the stories that reflect your expertise. Be prepared to prove your claims, back-up your stories with real-life evidence.

Appear knowledgeable by preparing ahead. Stories can help demonstrate your skills. Practice telling stories about your experiences.

Learn Everything about the Company

Unless you are applying to work in your dream company, you’ll have to research the company beforehand. See if you can access current employees to get a glimpse of the inner working of the company.

You want to understand the company’s culture and style. Search for online reviews by both employees and clients. Read their “About Us” page. Gather the questions you want to ask. Confirm that your values align with the employer.

Asking the right question can give you an edge over the competition. It shows that you care. Listen carefully to the answers and responses you receive.

Prepare for the Interview with Practice

Sit down with a group of friends and pretend that you’re in the interview’s hot seat. Follow the same format, whether it will be over the phone or in person.

The exercise can help you cool down your nerves. It’s necessary to keep practicing till it becomes second nature to you. Thus, preparation is fundamental.

Similarly, practicing a few times before the interview will help you reduce self-consciousness and eliminate intimidation.

You may want to take your barber kit with you, just in case you were asked to demonstrate your skills “live.”

What You Need to Bring:

Beside your barber’s kit, you need to bring a notepad and a pen to take notes.

You should also bring a few copies of your resume, list of credentials and references, and list of questions you want to ask.

You won’t need your cell phone. Don’t bring it, or turn it off, and you don’t need anything else that might distract you such as gum.

Interview Etiquette:

  • Smile warmly at everyone you meet, and greet them politely.
  • Keep eye contact as you answer every question.
  • Watch your body language, be polite, and attentive.

Be interested, to be interesting: Give your full attention, engage fully. You can’t get people to open to you unless you are open yourself.

Be direct, show enthusiasm, and be a good listener if you want to land the job.

  • Do not tell your life story but do tell the stories that convey your value.
  • Don’t indulge in a thirty-minute monologue about how great you are, don’t waste the interviewer’s time.
  • Don’t play games. Be open.

Marketing Yourself for Barber Jobs

Social media has made it possible for everyone to express their passion. It is a great place to start generating interest in what you do and attract employers. When you are regularly updating your profiles, showing that you are present, you will attract the right employers.

You must genuinely love what you do because the results aren’t always instant. However, if you create a schedule and stick to it, you can accelerate your progress.

There are several ways you can go about doing this.

Blogging – Write it all down:

It takes time to build a successful blog. However, the result is worth it…

Blogging is all about sharing your experience, passions, and even fears. It’s a personal tool that you can use for business purposes.

Start a personal blog, and start sharing your story. Share what you know about barbering and reveal how passionate you are about it. It will be evident.

Whether you were an independent barber or working in a salon, blogging can be a great tool to promote yourself and sell your skills.

The key to blogging is to remain consistent.

Although blogging is personal, it’s not a place for talking about your private life. You are allowed to show your personality but only as it relates to your passion as a barber.

For example, you may share your opinion about new trends, review products you have used, or discuss your enthusiasm for barbering. All these are legit topics that can increase your visibility to potential employers.

Vlogging – Show them the goods:

Not everybody loves to sit down and write a ton of words. Some people are natural on cameras. If you are one of those, consider starting a vlog.

Vlogging or video marketing is on the rise. An excellent marketing tool for your skills. Starting a YouTube channel is free. A camera and a mic won’t break the bank either. Whether you do talking head videos or film yourself in action, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are sincere with your efforts.

What matters the most is that you care enough to put in the work. It will give you an edge especially if you demonstrate real skill and experience.

Your videos can be about the history of barbering, your experiences, funny stories, your thoughts that relates to barbering. The point is to share yourself with your clients and employers.

You can build a fan base that will not only buy your services but recommend you to their friends.

Set aside a few hours every week that you dedicate to creating your videos. Consider this your job. Why? You can only reap the benefits when you are serious. Self-discipline pays off in spades. Planning will help you keep on track long after your initial motivations wanes off, try it.

When done right, video marketing will get you noticed, build your personal brand, and attract a loyal audience.

Podcasting – Raise your voice:

If you are not good as a writer, and if the camera gives you a few extra pounds, you still have hope.

Start a podcast. You can do it from your cell phone. Use the power of your voice. Millions of people listen to the podcasts every day. They prefer the audio format because it requires little attention as opposed to reading an article or watching a video.

Podcasts are accessible. It helps you establish rapport and develop a personal relationship with your audience. It’s like talking to them over the phone.

What to offer on your podcast:

  • Interviews with industry leaders.
  • Talk about your barber life.
  • Provide commentary on barbering techniques.
  • Offer hair style advice.
  • Discuss news related to barbering.

Give the best value you can, and keep giving. Tailor the content to what interest your audience. Make the distinction between what they want and what you think they want. Remember that 10 loyal listeners are better than 100 who don’t listen.

As the wise man said, “Speak, so that I may see you.”


Instagram is a super easy way to reach millions of people. All you have to do is post photo of your work with appropriate hashtags.

You can combine blogging and vlogging on Instagram. You may post photos or short videos of your work with an excellent caption including hashtags.

Post pictures of your clients and tag them. Reply to their comments. Shortly, you’ll build a mighty audience.

Instagram can generate a lot of free advertising for you, and increase your influence.

Therefore, while you are building your audience, tap into other’s established barbers’ accounts. Become part of their communities and offer your best, free advice.

Develop a schedule for posting so your audience know when to expect you. If you can’t keep posting every day, at least, engage with your audience and comment on other peoples barbering work.

Facebook Groups and Pages:

Marketing yourself on Facebook Groups can bring you fast results. You just have to show up.

One of the best ways to get your name out there is participating in those online communities. Sharing your experiences, helping others, and receiving help as well. A distinctive power lies in networking with those who are in your industry or profession.

To get the most out of your efforts, be consistent across all channels. Once you have chosen your favorited format and platform stick to it.

Facebook Groups will pave the way for you to form personal connections and relationships, which may translate to outstanding opportunities for you. Some Groups may even allow you to promote your content, but always ask and follow the rules. Each group has its rule.

You don’t need to join 100’s of groups. Two or three are more than enough. The key is to keep showing up, even when you want to quit.

Quality over quantity, always.


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