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Questions From Users:

Q: “If I log off will you save my changes to an un-submitted job?”

A: We can not guarantee any information will be saved if you log off before completing the Job Submission process. Please complete the Job Submission process before you log off in order to save the details of your Job Listing Ad.

Although, some data will be saved the Job Description and Company Details will not be saved. To retrieve your data LOGIN> select EMPLOYERS > click POST A JOB.  If data does not appear you will have to re-enter data.

NOTE: Do not clear browser history or cookies; this action will removed all pre-filled data.

Q: Am I guaranteed results when I post my job listing?

A: No,  we do not guarantee any results for your job listings because we can’t force candidates to view, click or submit applications on your job listing.

Q: What is a Candidate?

A: A Candidate is an individual that qualifies for a job position. If you are searching for a job register as a CANDIDATE. Select [LOGIN] at the top of the page then complete the form at the use the drop-down menu to select [CANDIDATE]. Once you have registered as a Candidate post a resume so Employers can find.

Q: What is an Employer?

A: An Employer is a individual or business that is seeking to hire a Candidate. If you are interested in hiring a Candidate register as an [EMPLOYER]. Once you have registered as an Employer create a job listing so Candidates can find your business and apply.

Q: I was searching for barbers but i don’t see a single resume in the USA. Why should I pay and post an ad if not a single resume is available on your website?

A: We understand your concern and although we do not have any resumes currently on file we receive thousands of visitors a monthly basis from passive job seekers who my not apply directly through yet the candidate may reach out to your company via another method. Additionally, we are making an efforts to increase our Candidate resume profiles options. If you would like to learn how to create a Job Listing Ad that engages candidates CLICK HERE.