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Andis Master Review 2017

In this article Andis Master Review I will explain the Pro’s and Con’s as well as tips on how to maintain your clippers longevity.

Andis Master Review – Product Overview

Although there are several clippers on the market to chose from,  the Andis Master’s remain one of the most popular clippers used in the barbershop today and highly recommended by many professional barbers. The Andis Masters are also known to be one of the most powerful magnetic clippers on the market. A magnetic motor runs faster than a rotary motor and usually has a single adjustable blade for a more precise cut. Andis Master also delivers a rapid 14,000 strokes per minute making it unmatched in speed and power.

In The Package

  1. Andis Master Clippers
  2. Tube of Blade Oil
  3. User Manuel

Note: Guards are not included (the following guards are recommended).


  • Although these are professional grade clippers they are also ideal for beginners. The notches located near the adjustable lever service as a guide, making these clippers great for fading and tapering. Once you become more comfortable with using these clippers you won’t pay much attention to the notches as much.
  • Unbreakable aluminum housing
  • Powerful and fast motor
  • Adjustable blade
  • Trusted brand (Since 1922)

Fun Fact: Some barbers claim to currently own and use a pair of Andis Master Clippers that are over 20 years old.

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Note: the longevity of your clippers will solely depend on how well you maintain your clippers and blades over the years.


  • Out the box you may find that your Andis Master Clippers are unusually loud. This is an issue that can be fixed quickly. How to Fix: Using a flat screw driver on the side on the clippers adjust it just enough so that the noise is reduced. Do not tighten too tight because that will cause the blades to not function adequately.
  • After 10 or 15 minutes of cutting you may feel your clippers getting uncomfortably warm and after about 15-30 minutes these clippers become unbearably hot. This is not only uncomfortable for you but this can also burn or irritate you client. How to Fix: Reduce cutting time or use Andis Cool Care during each cut. Another option is to purchase two of Andis Master this will ensure your cut it still smooth and precise. Besides, it’s always good to have a backup pair.
  • Andis Master Clippers are quite heavy and can exasperate your shoulders, arms, or wrist. So make sure you Stretch in between cuts this helps relieve tension and prevent injury.
  • Andis Master are not the easiest to repair however we do recommend you learn how to make adjustments and repairs on your own because repairs can be costly. YouTube has a ton of How-to videos or consult a representative from your local clipper repair store.

Andis Master Maintenance

  1. Oil blades regularly
  2. Remove Hair from the inside and outside
  3. Store in a safe place Clipper Keeper
  4. Avoid dropping


Final Review

In conclusion, Andis Master Clippers have proven to be reliable, durable, and powerful pair of clippers. Andis products offer a 12 month Limited Manufacture Warranty and recommended by the top barbers in the industry. On customers reviews currently rate this product 4 out 5 stars. Given those statistics Andis Master definitely receives the Choice Barber™ stamp of approval.andis master

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