What is ChoiceBarber.com

ChoiceBarber.com is an online Job Board for Barbers. We help professional licensed and non-licensed Barber Stylist find employment from anywhere in the world. Our database caters to an international audience of Barbershops and Salons. More importantly our database is FREE to view.

With just a few keywords you can land your next position at the Barbershop of your dreams and start earning money doing what you love. ChoiceBarber.com is optimized for desktops, smartphones, and tablets so you can search for jobs from anywhere in the world even when you’re on the go! We pride ourselves on being the No.1 Online Job Board for Barbers.

Our Story

ChoiceBarber.com was launched in 2015 by a young, ambitious, female barber, who after completing barber school found it difficult and intimidating to find a position at a barbershop.

Because most non-franchised  Barbershops traditionally prefer candidates to walk-in and perform an “on the spot” basic haircut, this caused her to shy away; until she mustard up the courage to walk into one the most popular barbershops in South Florida and boldly ask: “Are you guys hiring?”

This nerve-racking experience inspired her to develop ChoiceBarber.com, an online job site dedicated to connecting Barbers and Stylists.

Lets face it, building a career in this industry is not easy, especially for newbies; Nor is it easy for shop owners to find reliable Professional Barbers.

That is why this service is in high demand. Newbies have an opportunity to build their careers and Barbershop owners can reach eager, qualified candidates in their area.

Our on-going mission is to provide a platform that connects talented, professional Barbers with Barbershop owners.

The New ChoiceBarber

Welcome to the new and improved ChoiceBarber.com! Truly, there has been a significant changes made to this Job Board site in order to meet our clients needs. Additionally, take a moment to check out our new features and products.


original choicebarber.com website homepage

Photo of the original ChoiceBarber.com