7 Steps for Disinfection of Barber Implements 2019 – Infographic

Disinfection and Sanitation in the Barbershop is one of the most important procedures a Barber must do in the barbering industry.  A barber must follow these 7 steps and complete them daily – before, during, and after hours.  To explain these 7 steps, contributor Edgar B, Founder of Professional Barber Clippers, will guide you with this great infographic, in order to keep your clients as safe and as satisfied as possible.

Our clients make up our success.  As barbers we must be aware that our clients shall be taken care of, from the moment they walk into the barbershop, up to the moment they leave.  We must follow the Universal Precaution in order to keep them as safe as possible.  These 7 simple, yet powerful steps will guide you to success when it comes to Disinfection of your Implements.  From mixing the disinfectant correctly to washing with antibacterial soap to rinsing to complete immersion, this infographic will guide you with ease.  We hope you find this great source beneficial.

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