15 ways barbers make money

15 Most Popular Ways Barbers Make Money

The profession of Barber is a most under-rated skill of all. People think becoming a barber is not a good choice if you are well educated. They think the Barber earns way less than the average person who works in the day job.

That’s not true at all.

Let’s break-down the things in small parts and see various Ways Barbers Make Money.

1. Commission:

Once you become a Barber you can work on the commission in the well known Barber shop. You can have a deal with the owner of the barbershop on the shared percentage per client.

Generally, the famous Barber shop receives a good number of clients on weekends. They generally require skilled Barber’s to work in their shop. You can work with them on the commission basis and earn good money from it.

2. Booth Rental:

Renting a Booth at the well-known shop, hotels, spa, and malls are one of the best ways you can earn from your Barber skill. Generally, some 5-star hotels, malls, and shops offer additional service to their client.

They try to provide a complete package to their client to make them feel like home. Professional barber contacts these hotels and spa to allow them to set up a Booth in the area. In this way, the Barber gets paid directly from the client.

3. Home Based shop:

Some Barber starts own home-based shops. They use their living area of the apartment to set up a barbershop.

This saves lots of money on renting. Also, you can watch a movie or play a game at home when there is no one around.

He or she can decide their own pricing and earn more. It is very comfortable when you have your own shop at home.

You can do whatever you want and earns good money every day. No need to travel anywhere to go the job.

4. Salon Suite:

The Passionate Barber who does not have an initial investment to start their own shop can choose the Salon suite. It is a type of a private shop that you own in the specially designed business apartment where you can start your own Barber shop.

Some companies allow you to pay the rent on the installment once you start generating the revenue. You can decor your private shop beautifully to make the client feel they are in a good place.

Also, by making them comfortable you can have them to buy your most expensive product so you will get good commission from the company.

5. Mobile Service:

Another option for professional Barber is providing mobile service. Barber offers the personalized service to their client at their own location.

They provide the mobile service to them and charge a good amount per visit. Most celebrities prefer having their own Barber who can visit their home and provide the service. These celebrities hire professional for the job.

Once you get the good hand on the Barber skill, you will start seeing the ripple effect of the recommendation through your client. Your client will recommend you to others and you become famous in the city.

6. Selling products:

The cosmetic and body care companies tie-up with the well known Barber shop to sell their product directly to the client. They showcase their product in the Barber shops allowing users to purchase from them.

In return, Barber gets a good percentage from the product sale. Next time when you see such product in the Barber shop which says it is good for your hair and skin so remember this point. They are placed there to take your money from your pocket.

7. Up-selling additional hair enhancement services:

People spend good money on taking care of their hair. The fashionable hairstyle is a trend in the industry. Barber can sell additional hair enhancement services to their client at a high price.

He can learn the new trending hairstyle, facial or skin care technique and offer that to the client at the premium price. Some people prefer exclusive hairstyle which no one has tried before.

Especially, in the wedding, the Bride and Groom hairstyle are done by professional Barber. In the special event, people prefer having the exclusive hairstyle to look beautiful. The beautiful looking hairstyle gets noticed in the public.

8. Open your own Barbershop:

Professional Barber can open his own Barbershop to upscale his skill. The best thing about Barbershop is it never face economic downside. Taking care of the hair and face has become a basic need of the human.

You cannot live without it. It has become a day to day activity for most of the people. That’s the reason why the Barber shop earns good revenue compared to the other local businesses. By having your own Barbershop in the corner of the busy street will allow you to attract more customers.

You can provide extraordinary service to the client to keep them connected to you. People prefer to go the Barbershop where they get the best service so focus on making your client happy and drive more revenue from your business.

9. Open a Barber school:

Teaching industries never face the recession. There are always some people who are excited about learning a new skill. Barber can open the professional teaching school to teach others how to become a Barber.

The Barber can charge good amount per student for classes. He can provide free advice, consultation and even ask the student to join the shop for learning through practice.

This way you get few bunch of student to do your job for free in the Barbershop. This is another smart way of saving money.

10. Creating own brand:

The professional Barber who understands the need of the client works on creating his own hairstyle to impress the client. He or she works hard to come up with the latest trend and implement it in their workplace.

This helps them to build their own brand which separates them from other local stores. Not all can succeed in this as it requires creativity and lots of hard work to make certain hairstyle.

You have to go through consistent practice to build your own way of style the hair.

11. YouTube Channel:

This is the new sensation in the online industry. Professional Barber can create his own YouTube channel and start sharing valuable information about the hair care. Teaching others how to do something is the best way to attract an audience to the YouTube channel.

The YouTube pays you through Adsense ads for driving the visitors on your channel. People who click on the ads visible on your channel and videos deliver the revenue via Adsense. YouTube is listed in top ways Barbers Make Money by running own channel.

12. Get sponsored:

The big brands such as Wahl’s, Andis, Oster, and Babyliss provide sponsorship to the famous barber for using their product in their shop. Once you become famous in the industry, you will start receiving the offers from the big brands in the industry who sales the product related to the skin care.

Barber gets paid a good amount from sponsorship. You need to focus on your skill to attract these sponsors. Keep upgrading your skill to become a famous personality in the city.

13. Affiliate Marketing:

This is most famous marketing technique generally brand used in the local market. The brand asks the popular barber to recommend their product to their client and convince them to purchase it.

The Barber gets an affiliate commission on each product sale through the reference. By selling few products to the client you can earn extra money from your profession.

14. Consulting:

Barber also works as a private consultant for the people who want to learn how to become good Barber in the industry. He/she can become a private consultant for the schools, colleges or shop and share his knowledge with the people.

The Barber charges a good amount for private consulting. Most Celebrity also offers good money to Barber for becoming their personal consultant. The Barber takes care of the celebrity lifestyle and assures them they will look beautiful all the time.

15. Public Speaking:

The famous Barber is invited to the university, schools, and colleges to guide the student about the Barber profession. There are some institutes where the Barbing is offered as a professional subject to the student.

Barber uses this opportunity and makes good money by doing public speaking. He/she can also go to the public event to share his knowledge. Many top brands organize the event to promote their new products.

In this event, the company hires the expert barber to come to the event and guide people on taking care of their hair.


There are many ways Barbers Make Money with his/her skill. Once the person becomes expert in the skill he/she can use his skill to elevate his career in various ways.

There are many opportunities available for the professional barber in the city. The average salary of the Barber is completely depending on how much he/she influencing the people by providing the good service.

If your clients are happy with you then they will pay you whatever you charge them for the service.


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