We are looking for a Master Barber that can immediately deliver superior haircuts and shaves for our affluent clientele. Our guests are successful and want to look that way. You must be able to consistently turn out finished tapers and fades.

We have an amazing and talented staff, the best location in Denver, a deep client base and heavy walk-in traffic.

  • You will be busy
  • You will make a lot of money
  • You will have a three-day schedule that gives you two full weeks off every month
  • You will develop great relationships
  • You will get even better

We are looking for professionals who take their job seriously. We have to show up for work consistently, be on time and stay on time. We have to dress, act and speak professionally.

Our clients are looking for the best and are willing to pay for it.

So are we.

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About GQ Barber Lounge

GQ Barber Lounge was founded in 1996. We've been around a long time.  We are located in Downtown Denver, a stones throw from Union Station. In other words, we have the best location in the Denver.

We provide an environment for men like no other.  Our clients enjoy fine cocktails and exquisite service while receiving the finest haircuts and related grooming services in town.  We are well known and well-respected.

Our clientele ranges from young professionals to athletes to business owners.  In short, our clientele demand superior service, awesome haircuts and consistency.  And they are willing to pay for it.

This is the only place successful men in Denver get their haircut.

Our barber stylists do well very here.  They make more than twice the industry average, they receive incredible education from some of the best talent in the industry and they build great relationships. And they work hard.  GQ Barber Lounge is a place for serious professionals.  You have to take your job seriously.  This means you show up for work on time, all the time.  You dress, act and speak professionally.

If you, you will have a great career.

Let's have a conversation.