How To Hire a Barber 2017

Are you looking to hire a barber? If so then you’ve hit the jackpot. is on a mission to connect you with the best talent and connect the best talent to you. We are like a dating site for barbers and barbershops, but please remember to keep it platonic (strictly friends!)

Whether you are a newly opened barbershop or established in the last century, you will find the perfect barber with us. Here you’ll find a guide to hiring barbers for your barbershop.

How To Hire A Barber

How to Hire a Barber

In the styling industry, the quality of clients depends on the level of your employee’s professionalism as a barbershop owner. Building a team of highly talented barbers could take your business off the ground if you’re starting. If you’re an old business, adding “new blood” to your shop can also help you increase profits.

Hiring a barber is easy on because we screen all applications, and filter all applicants to pick the best of the best. But how to hire a barber? What to look for? Are there any red flags to avoid? Let me tell you, hiring a barber in 2017 is not as hard as you imagine. But, I’ll give you some of my best tips that can help you land your perfect team member yet.

In style-based businesses, customers are fickle. You must offer them a reason to come back. Barbers who have mastered the craft might find themselves without clients if they don’t have social skills. Therefore, if you have to choose between mastery and personality, choose a character.

Of course, knowledge helps create customers loyalty, but if your barbers are boring, the clients might not come back. To sum up, you should look for:

  • Personal Hygiene:

    There’s really no excuse for being poorly groomed, especially in the styling business. You should hire a barber who knows how to dress and smell nice. Don’t make an exception. People do and will judge based on appearance, even without one’s saying a word, the client will already have made an impression. You can control that by putting your best-looking barber at the front door of your shop. You can’t do that if you tolerate irresponsible behavior from your employees. It doesn’t mean that you should hire someone who is “cute,” but someone who knows how to use his or her appearance to form a positive impression of himself\herself and your business.

  • Social Skills:

    As discussed above, social skills will trump mastery of the craft in most of the situations. Social power is one of the most powerful weapons in business; it applies to the styling business more than any other. Being able to meet and greet the guests is a fine art that only a highly talented barber can achieve. There are other important traits to look for in a barber such as:

  1. Confidence:

    The barber you hire should have faith in his\her skills whether social skills or technical expertise. Your clients will trust this person with their heads if he\she isn’t at peace with himself\herself you might as well skip hiring altogether.

  2. Personality:

    Whether you are a unisex salon, or for men only, you’ll need someone who can handle men, women, and children. A vibrant personality in the workplace is something that a few barbers can express. Styling business is about humans; barbering is a service offered by humans to humans. So never, underestimate the power of a vibrant personality in building customers loyalty.

  3. Emotional Intelligence:

    As with any human-based business, you can find that an emotionally intelligent barber is much more helpful and easy to work with, than a “night owl.” (No hard feelings, night owls!) As a barbershop owner, you should be able to read people, recognize speech patterns, and respond accordingly. This one is as important for your team as it is for you. Ask yourself, will the candidate be able to mesh well with your work environment and the staff?

More Signs to Look for in when it’s time to Hire a Barber

Now, we’ve covered the social traits of a talented barber, let’s look at his\her hands. How he\she handles the scissors will tell you volumes. The interview process is also, where you can learn a lot about your next barber. Put them to test, see how they handle the clients, how they behave around them, also you’ll be able to assess their level of mastery. Put them to the test.

While a license doesn’t tell much about actual talent, it helps to ask for previous training, certificates, or licenses. If a barber is serious about mastering the craft, he\she will go to extreme lengths to acquire that knowledge. Again, it should be obvious from how they handle the scissors, talk with clients, and perform in the interview.

Furthermore, you should hire a barber who has a high level of dexterity because he\she will be working with his\her hands most of the time. Motor skills are also an important part of hiring a good barber, is he\she comfortable with moving the his\her body to awkward angles to reach hard spots? Will he\she be able to stand for hours on end without complaining? When it’s busy, it’s busy. Another important factor is a his\her sense of aesthetics; of course, he\she must have the beautiful eyes to help your clients get the look they’re looking for.

A good barber can think quickly with both feet on the ground. He\she is respectful, knowledgeable, and fun to be around. Since he\she has the power to make permanent changes to people’s appearance, they must also be responsible and accountable.


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