How to promote your barbershon social media

How to Promote Your Barbershop on Social Media

In this article we will offer tips on How to Promote Your Barbershop on Social Media.

How to Promote Your Barbershop on Social Media

Marketing a barbershop on social media works similarly to how many barbers gain new customers without the internet. Word of mouth! As a result, when a barber gives you a great haircut, it is likely that you will receive compliments or inquiry from their peers.

Usually when this happens the individual will be able to direct potential new customers to the barbershop.

Build a Following  Online

Initially, when building an online presence, it is highly recommended that preexisting customers become the foundation of the barbershop’s social media.

Generally, this is a much more effective strategy than trying to start with zero traffic to your shop’s social media platforms. And trying to entice new customers who have had no previous connection or experience with your shop.

Try this

Some methods to promote customers to give the shop recognition online include:

How to promote your barbershon social media

  • adding social media information to business cards
  • displaying your barber’s skill with pictures of their cuts on a shop-branded Instagram
  • having posters (or other visual aids) made in visible view from the reception area
  • waiting area and floor space with your social media information and a tag line such as: “like your haircut? Follow us online”
  • A more direct tactic involves taking photos of finished haircuts

Notably, this should be done regularly for Instagram regardless and offering to tag the client so they can have the photo appear on their own page.

Final Tip

Furthermore, it is important to remember that having a large number of fans online is a great way to convey the popularity and interest.  This will even convey a message that you have a quality shop.

That being said, the demographics and geographic location of your target market are much more important than having thousands of likes.

Ultimately, social media should be utilized for the purpose of

  • advertising for the sake of conversion
  • to build clientele
  • increase shop revenue

In conclusion, if your fans online live in another country, then it’s not likely that they are boosting your shops service revenue.

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