How To Write A Job Post for Barbers 2017

How To Write a Job Post That Will Engage Barbers in 2017

How to write a job post that will engage barbers in 2017. As an employer you should never underestimate the importance of writing a well written job post. Advertising a job post is an effective and inexpensive way to attract top barbers. However, if your job posts are generic or unexciting more than likely that’s the kind of barber or stylist you will attract. If you need assistance with developing your own job post try following some of the steps listed below. Learn how to write a job post for barbers.

how to write a job post

How to write a job post for Barbers: Job Title

Does your job title or headline immediately explain what type of candidate you are looking? For instance, if you’re seeking a full time barber your job title should read this way: Now Hiring Full Time Licensed Barbers!
In this example the objective was to attract barbers that are available to work full time. Hence, by making it clear in the beginning you now weed out all those who are not available full time.

How to write a job post: Job Location

Many online job sites will prompt you to provide a location DO NOT overlook this option. In addition, provide the address of your barbershop or salon in the job description. If you do not wish to advertise that information up front indicate the state or city (zip code).

How to write a job post: Job Description

Although, you’re not trying to win the Job Post of the Year Award, writing a clear and understandable job description is probably the most important part of developing an effective job post. This section should immediately capture the attention of your future employee (barber). Within a few sentences explain why he/she should want to work for your barbershop or salon. List job duties and expectations, be up front! As mention previously when you are specific and clear about what you are looking for it is unlikely unqualified candidates will apply. Ask yourself the following questions?

  • Am I looking for a Full-time or Part-time barber?
  • Am I looking for a licensed or experienced barber? (How many years of experience are required?)
  • Am I looking for a commission based employee or booth renter?
  • Am I looking for a barber that’s available on holidays, weekends, and Sundays?
  • Am I looking for a barber that has a following? (Meaning they all ready have clients)
  • Am I looking for a barber that has experience with other services such as hot towel shaves, facials, beard grooming, color applications etc.?
  • Am I looking for a female barber (Yes, you are allowed to indicate this in your job description)?

Within your job description also mention MUST HAVES:


  • Must be energetic
  • Must be friendly
  • Must be customer service oriented
  • Must able and willing to cut women and children’s hair
  • Must be able to perform and complete a fade, bald fade, gentlemen cut etc.
  • Must possess a Barber Licenses
  • Must have and use your own clippers, liners, trimmers etc.


Barbers eyes light up when they see compensation and benefits mention in the job description. Do not be vague in this section. Discuss commission (ex. 70% / 30% plus tips) or if it’s hourly discuss hourly pay (ex. $10/hour plus tips).

Check point: Try to keep your Job Description short and to the point use a 1,000 characters or less.

About the company

Next, tell your candidates a little more about you and/or your shop. Highlight the perks of the position. Have fun with this section because you want your barber(s) to be excited about coming to work for you. Hence, in a few sentences sell yourself! Similarly, let them know that your barbershop is an awesome place to work. Include images (if applicable) and a little history about your barbershop or salon. This would be a good place to include the physical address and/or website. Candidates love viewing websites, because it adds value to your shop. It lets them know you’re keeping up with technology and staying ahead of the competition.

How to submit application: Call to Action

A “call-to-action” should be provided at the end of your job post. As a result, a call-to-action gives your applicant clear instructions on how to submit their application, resume, or contact information.

Adding images

If this option is available take advantage. In the barber industry an image can go a long way and the same is true for job listings. Wouldn’t you rather view images rather than just read a bunch of text? Additionally,when selecting an image, select an original photo such as a picture of your barbershop or a recent haircut. Make sure your photo is relevant.

Should Nots

A list of things you should not include in your job post:

  • Abbreviations throughout job title or job description (this in not appealing to anyone, so don’t do it!)
  • Vague titles such as Barber or Stylist (Try: Now Hiring: Full Time Licensed Barbers)
  • Long job description
  • Unnecessary photos


Exhausted Yet?

Although, it may not be easy writing or creating a job post in the beginning it’s worth the effort and time at the end. Because a well written job post can mean the difference between receiving 20 applications from 20 unqualified barbers and receiving 3 applications from 3 qualified barbers. Which would you rather have? Obviously, you want the 3 qualified barbers because you know one out of three of those barbers will help you grow your brand. Take a look at the example below:

In conclusion

In conclusion, you want the best of the best to work for you so follow these tips on how to write a job post for barbers and you’re bound to get good results. Also, most importantly be honest, clear, and up front!

Refer to Barbers Wanted: Where to post your job listing for more information on targeted online job boards for barbers.









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